Antimicrobial Sleep Solutions from Soft-Tex and Microban®

Soft-Tex International is a leading manufacturer of premium sleep solutions with patented enhancement technologies. Offering a wide range of bedding essentials like mattresses, pillows, accessories and more, Soft-Tex prides itself on creating comfortable, innovative solutions to bring the world a better night’s sleep.

Soft-Tex’s ever-growing portfolio of solution-oriented technology is infused across their product lines to address consumer desires for peaceful and restorative sleep. Through innovative national and licensed brand partnerships, Soft-Tex products feature wellness infusions, allergen barriers, specialty memory foams, and unique fill blends that reflect their commitment to engineering high quality products.

In a new product expansion, Soft-Tex is partnering with Microban® to diversify their existing antimicrobial product lines. A long-time partner of Ultra-Fresh with Silpure technology, the sleep solutions manufacturer is continuing to broaden their antimicrobial offerings with Microban to meet the continuously increasing consumer desire for cleaner products.

Soft tex mattress protector

Soft-Tex sleep solution products featuring Microban® antimicrobial technology help prevent against the growth of stain and odor causing bacteria by up to 99%. By inhibiting essential life functions of microbes, the technology allows the treated product to last longer and stay fresher in between regular cleanings.

Key benefits of Microban® antimicrobial technology + Soft-Tex sleep solutions

  • Actively reduces the growth of stain and odor causing bacteria by up to 99%
  • Never washes off or wears away, works around the clock to give consumers greater peace of mind
  • Longer lasting products that are less likely to deteriorate prematurely
  • History of safe use and doesn’t disrupt desired look or feel of premium bedding products
  • Invisible antimicrobial product protection keeps bedding products looking, smelling and feeling cleaner in between cleanings