A Trusted Ingredient Brand

After more than 35 years in the antimicrobial technology and odor control solutions industry, the Microban® brand has become a valued trustmark for consumers and business decision-makers alike.

A Trustmark Built on a History of Proven Performance

Since the company's founding, the effectiveness of the antimicrobial technologies incorporated into products around the globe has been at the core of Microban's DNA and an essential component of our brand identity. The Microban® portfolio of technologies has been tested internally and by independent research facilities hundreds of times throughout the company's history. With an ongoing quality control program that provides product testing for the duration of partnerships, manufacturers have always been assured that the technologies incorporated into their products are performing at an optimum level.

B2C & B2B Brand Awareness

Over the last three decades, as more and more manufacturers around the globe have chosen to incorporated added protection into the products they make, the Microban® brand identity has become synonymous with durable, safe, effective solutions. As the global leader in this space, we also maintain the most recognizable brand. In recent studies, 59% of business decision-makers and 60% of consumers were aware of the Microban® brand and the added benefits the technology provides in products. Consumers and those making decisions in the commercial sector have come to trust the brand mark, and that provides a unique advantage for Microban® partners.

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The Benefits of a Strategic Brand Identity for Value-Added Partnerships

As part of the Microban® value proposition, partners have the opportunity to tap into the brand identity built through ongoing efforts to drive awareness. That opportunity not only comes with the Trustmark itself, which can be implemented on packaging and collateral materials but also a brand identity and brand voice that is applicable across a wide range of industry sectors and resonates with buyers on a higher level.

Put simply, products enhanced with Microban® technology empower consumers to worry less and enjoy life more; and help business decision-makers ensure that they are choosing products that get the job done right the first time. This message of empowerment, control and confidence is carried through all of our messaging platforms. The fact that our technology allows end-users of treated products "Live On" with a little more control over their daily lives. This message was developed based on research related to consumers' emotional connection with cleanliness and the key drivers that lead to antimicrobial purchases.

The global marketing team at Microban® is well-positioned to help partners adapt this message for their given industry and brand. This support covers both promotional and technical messaging and is unparalleled in the antimicrobial technology industry.