Who Is Microban®?

We've come a long way since 1984. Learn more about our business and how we are redefining clean worldwide.

Microban® - Redefining Clean With Protection That Lives On®

Part of Barr Brands International (BBI), Microban® is a global specialist in antimicrobial technologies and odor control solutions. Our proven formulations are successfully integrated into a range of materials, providing lasting product protection against the growth of bacteria, mold, mildew, and algae. Added during manufacture, Microban® solutions become an intrinsic feature of a product and will not wash off or wear away.

Microban® offers a broad portfolio of additives to a wide variety of manufacturers, including those in the healthcare, commercial, and consumer product sectors. The company also provides a plethora of turnkey support services to facilitate the seamless deployment of antimicrobial products and surfaces.

A history of success has helped Microban® to secure winning partnerships with more than 300 companies including P&G, GE Appliances (A Haier Company), Reebok, and Samsonite to name but a few. Common product applications include food storage containers, water tanks, kitchen appliances, and sports apparel.

Headquartered in North Carolina, USA, Microban® has operations in North America, Europe, and the Asia Pacific. Established offices in China and Hong Kong cater specifically for customers across East Asia, South East Asia, and Australia.

Partnership With Procter & Gamble

In February 2020, Procter & Gamble (P&G) announced the launch of its first branded consumer product in 20 years - Microban 24. Microban 24 is a revolutionary line of antibacterial home sanitizing products that keep surfaces protected against bacteria for 24 hours, even after multiple touches.

Microban 24 Products

Launched under an exclusive licensing agreement between P&G and Barr Brands International, Microban 24 has delivered unprecedented media exposure and is quickly positioning Microban® as a leading household name. What’s more, the use of 24-hour residual cleaning products in conjunction with built-in antimicrobial technologies is offering a proactive and complementary approach to creating cleaner, fresher, and more hygienic environments.

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Innovative Product Development Powered by Technical Excellence

Microban® fuels product innovation through our advanced technical capabilities. Conducting more than 30,000 tests annually, the company’s experienced team of microbiologists, chemists, and polymer engineers are adept in product development and continue to assist brands in their quest for a cleaner, fresher, and more durable product range.

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Polymers Expertise

Microban's materials engineering lab has widespread experience of integrating organic and inorganic antimicrobial technologies into a wide breadth of thermoplastic and thermoset systems. Our engineers have a strong working knowledge of diverse manufacturing techniques, including injection molding, plastic injection molding, rotational molding, and film and profile extrusion.

Using this expertise, Microban® engineers develop antimicrobial product solutions that ensure compatibility with your polymer material, manufacturing processes, and available equipment.

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Plastic Masterbatch

Scientifically Proven Technologies

For more than 35 years, Microban® has been the driving force behind technologies that are redefining clean. Its antimicrobial and odor control formulations are helping manufacturers to address unhygienic design flaws, sustainability issues, and the rising consumer demand for cleaner, fresher products. What’s more, Microban’s solutions are backed by a wealth of scientific data from credible independent laboratories.

Built-in during the manufacturing process, Microban® becomes an intrinsic feature of a product. The technology works by disrupting the vital life processes and biological functions of contaminating microbes, meaning they cannot grow or reproduce on a treated surface and subsequently die. The result is a product that stays cleaner and fresher in-between cleaning. It is also more durable and less likely to break under recommended usage conditions.

Microban® has the world’s largest portfolio of antimicrobial technologies. These include silver, zinc, and organic formulations that can be supplied in powder, liquid, or masterbatch pellet form.

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