Microban Technical Whitepapers

Our Research & Development team has crafted informative technical whitepapers around research on antimicrobial resistance and odor control technologies. We also look at their endless applications and solutions.

Antimicrobial protection whitepapers


Antimicrobials In Healthcare

Commercial freezer

Reduction of Listeria Monocytogenes Contamination of Refrigeration Units

Mbns18 Microban Antimicrobial Ceramics Colour Tiles

Microban Antimicrobial Technologies for Ceramics

Ascera™: New Nature-Inspired Antimicrobial for Polymers & Coatings

Learn more about our latest sustainable antimicrobial technology for solvent-based coatings and polymer applications.

Mbns23 Microban Foam Expo 2023 FT

Antimicrobials in Durable Foam Applications

Food service mtime20190225200935

Reasons to Integrate Antimicrobials in Food Service Products & Equipment

Mbns23 Microban Silicone Medical Devices

Incorporating Silver-Based Antimicrobials in Silicone Medical Devices

LapisShield™: A New, Novel Antimicrobial Technology for Water-based Coatings

Learn more about our newest innovation that offers improved quality and stability for water-based coating systems.

Mbns18 microban zptech mold fungi shower curtain mtime20190807044436

The Plume: Controlling Bacterial Growth on Bathroom Surfaces

Mbns18 Ft Panariagroup High Performance Floor Wall Tiles Microban

Antimicrobials in Building Materials


ZPTech®: The Broad Spectrum Antimicrobial

Declaration on Antimicrobials in Building Products and Environments

Microban International supports fact and science-based decision-making and would like to offer the following information on the topic so that the public, the consumer, and other stakeholders can make fully informed decisions.

Mbns23 Microban Public Bathroom

Investigating the Cleanliness of Public Restroom Toilets

Mbns23 Microban Powder Coating

Antimicrobial Protection in Coatings

mbns18_Blog Public Transportation Innovation Feature

Effectiveness of Photocatalytic TiO2 to Convert Pathogens and Pollutants

MicroGuard™: An OBPA-alternative for Antifungal Product Protection

Learn more about our newest innovation for PVC, PU and EVA foam applications and how it protects treated products against the deleterious effects of fungal growth.

Odor control whitepapers


Scentry® and ZPTech® for Odor Control

MB Operation Supply Chain

The Essential Guide to Making Your Supply Chain Sustainable

mbns18_featured_Technologies Odor

Effective Odor Control Prevention in Textiles

TiO2: Are Current Light-Activated Technologies Safe for Use on Indoor Ceramic Surfaces?

Microban International explores the potential safety issues posed by TiO2 when used on indoor ceramic surfaces.