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Microban® antimicrobial technology can be manufactured into a range of coatings to provide durable product protection against microbial growth.

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Mbns22 FT Microban Technology Shields Silver Shield

SilverShield® is a range of silver-based antibacterial technologies for coatings. The proven formulations eliminate up to 99.9% of bacterial growth.

Mbns22 Microban Technology Lapis Shield FT

LapisShield™ is a heavy-metal-free antimicrobial technology that offers improved quality and stability for water-based coating systems.

Mbns22 Microban Technology Ascera FT

Coming from chemistry inspired by nature, Ascera™ is a sustainable antibacterial technology designed for solvent-based coating systems.

Microban is proud to be an Associate Member of the British Coatings Federation

Mbns22 Microban Partner PPG Taubmans Decorative Paints FT

Taubmans: Decorative Paints
Taubmans PPG partners with Microban to seamlessly integrate antimicrobial technology into its range of EASYCOAT decorative paints.

Mbns22 Microban Partner Everbrite Protective Coating FT

Everbrite: Protective Coatings
Everbrite offers a clear protective coating that features built-in Microban technology for an added level of resistance to microbial growth.

Mbns22 Microban Partner Sherwin Williams paints coatings FT

Sherwin-Williams: Finishes
Sherwin-Williams engineer paints and coatings for powders, wood, plastics, electronics, and more featuring built-in Microban technology.

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Mbns18 Ft Microban Icon 24 7 New

Active 24/7

Microban technology is a cost-effective solution that remains active for your coating product's expected lifetime. It will not leach out of the coating.

Mbns18 Gt Microban Icon Bacteria


Coatings treated with Microban technology are resistant to bacterial growth 24/7. This makes them perfect for use in hygiene-critical environments.

Mbns18 Ft Microban Icon Mold


Coatings containing Microban technology will resist the growth of unsightly mold and mildew, making them ideal for use in moist or humid environments.

Mbns18 Ft Microban Preserves Shelf Life


Microban technology has been proven to prolong the shelf-life of coatings. This ensures the product remains usable and stink-free for longer.

Mbns18 Ft Microban Icon Safe To Use Epa Bpr

Safe to use

Microban protection has undergone extensive independent laboratory testing and has a long history of safe use in a plethora of coating products.

Mbns18 Ft Microban Icon Trusted Partner

Tried & trusted

Microban technologies are used and trusted by some of the world's leading coating manufacturers, including Taubmans (PPG) and Sherwin-Williams.

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