Antibacterial Light Switches from Schneider Electric and Microban®

Light switches are known to be one of the dirtiest objects we encounter during the day. Scientists at Simmons College in Boston claim light switches can harbor as many germs as a trash can. Research by the University of Houston found that hotel light switches contained 112 colonies of bacteria per centimeter!

Schneider Electric Antimicrobial Switches

Under the right conditions, bacteria can double in number on an untreated surface every 20 minutes. Their proliferation on light switches can lead to unpleasant odors, staining, and premature product degradation, making them more difficult to clean or costly to replace. With switches often being overlooked during routine cleans, it has become essential to choose products with an added level of defense against bacterial growth.

Decor: Flicking the Switch on Bacteria

Microban is partnered with Schneider Electric to offer the Decor Line of antibacterial electrical switches and controls. Adopting a simplistic and contemporary style, Decor is inspired by the latest in architectural and interior design trends. The range has 6 cover frames colors from matte to metallic shades combined with 3 colors of modules allowing for a variety of combinations. The addition of built-in Microban technology helps to protect the light switch from unwanted bacterial proliferation 24/7. The result is a switch that stays hygienically cleaner and fresher in-between cleaning.

    Key Benefits of Schneider Electric Light Switches With Built-In Microban Technology

    • Protected from the growth of harmful and degrading bacteria for their expected lifetime
    • Stay hygienically cleaner in-between cleaning and are easier to keep clean
    • Perfect for use in hygiene-critical environments such as homes, schools, hospitals, laboratories, offices, and clinics
    • Contain always-active antibacterial properties that will not wash off, wear away, or be affected by disinfectants
    • Work to complement regular cleaning routines
    • Feature UV protection to protect against fading caused by ultraviolet rays
    • Suitable for either flush-mounted or surface-mounted installation with no visible screws
    • Feature socket outlets with child-protection
    • Offer a fan speed control, allowing adjustable fan speed
    • Dedicated card switches enable convenient and safe lighting control through a card
    • Digital dimmers enable load control through common push buttons
    • Presence detectors help reduce energy wastage

    The Light of Your Life Just Got Better

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