Microban International is proud to announce that we are bringing together 2 of the strongest ingredient brand teams in the world in a combined organization – 1 company, 2 brands. Over the course of the coming months, we will be harmonizing the Microban International and Thomson Research Associates organizations to better serve our combined base of partners all around the world.

Changes to many processes will be managed so we are operating in a most optimized manner. Soon, you will see all communications now coming from a Microban.com email address. Shortly thereafter, invoicing and all legal documentation will all eventually move to Microban documents as well.

With our global trustmark Microban and our emergent brand Ultra-Fresh, combined with the most powerful product portfolio in the industry and our turnkey support services, these efforts will result in better coverage, better support, and better in-market impact for our partners. We look forward to operating as one organization – One Microban.

Our Mission - Deliver Peace of Mind:

At Microban International, our purpose is to redefine clean for products and surfaces. As the global leader in antimicrobial, odor control, and continuously active surface disinfection and sanitization technologies, we’re accomplishing our mission by addressing the most common cleanliness concern: product-degrading and odor-causing microbial growth on products and surfaces.

We have the knowledge and capability to optimize logistics of global supply, work with every manufacturing process, and are proud of our capability to treat ‘any substrate, any surface’. Our portfolio of solutions gives us the capability to incorporate the right technology, in the right form, at the right place, and in a compliant manner, to have a lasting impact on your treated products. The Microban approach to partnership centers on collaborative transformations, product differentiation, and tangible benefits to end-users.

Consumers and business decision-makers worldwide associate our brands with a true clean and enhanced product performance they can rely on. Our expertise and technologies provide a clean that delivers added peace of mind.

Our History - Proven Expertise:

Microban was founded in 1984 with an aim to solve antimicrobial problems associated with orthopedic devices and specialty medical products. In the decades since, the organization has expanded into many different and diverse product categories as well as into every international territory. In 2011, Barr Brands International purchased Microban as part of its strategic direction to provide an expanded range of products targeted to care of home, property, and person intersect. Barr Brands International is home to other leading brands such as Damp Rid, Mold Armor, and Goof Off. To broaden its technology base and brand offerings, Microban acquired Thomson Research Associates (TRA) in 2016. Established in 1955 and headquartered in Toronto, Canada, TRA developed a range of antibacterial, antifungal, antialgal, and anti-dust mite technologies, providing antimicrobial protection under the Ultra-Fresh brand for over 65 years. Recognizing now that we can support our partners more effectively when we bring our capabilities together, Microban International and TRA are now becoming one company – One Microban.

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Our Brands – Proven Leadership:

Microban International is now home to the most trusted and well-known global brands in the antimicrobial, odor control, and sanitization / disinfection markets - Microban® and Ultra-Fresh®. Our organization has experienced over 100 collective years of growth and has revolutionized the industry.

Under our premier brand and Trustmark, Microban provides Protection that Lives On™ with incorporated antimicrobial and odor control solutions and Continuously Active Disinfectants and Sanitizers. For those of our partners utilizing our emergent ingredient brand, Ultra-Fresh, we help deliver improved freshness to products from a broad portfolio of solutions. Together, the Microban and Ultra-Fresh brands are honored to have over a thousand partnerships with leading brands and manufacturers worldwide to protect many thousands of products in the Consumer, Building Products, Textiles, Commercial, and Healthcare sectors.

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Our Expanded Global Presence and Product Offering:

Microban International is headquartered in the area of Charlotte, North Carolina. We have regional offices in multiple locations in the EMEA and Asia geographies, and operate some of the largest and most advanced antimicrobial laboratories in the world in multiple locations. Our expanded and combined global footprint now allows us to work in more locations and more efficiently with our partners to collaborate on bespoke solutions and easily incorporate them into any manufacturing process.

Mbns21 MICROBAN World Map Updated 2021

Our use of science and innovation has led us to develop the most diverse portfolio of antimicrobial, odor control, and continuously active surface disinfection and sanitization technologies in the world. As consumers look for smarter products that stay cleaner and last longer, our groundbreaking technologies work on any substrate to provide lasting protection against degrading and odor-causing bacterial growth. Utilizing our turnkey support services, Microban International works with each partner to ensure the most appropriate solutions are deployed for each specific product, manufacturing, regulatory, and legal landscape in consideration.

Our Future - Microban International:

Microban’s employee-owners are proud of our history and excited about our future. We see a world where innovative antimicrobial product protection helps to provide Protection That Lives On™ for superior surface cleanliness and extended product lifetime, where odor control technologies enhance wearer experience and minimize environmental impact, and where advantaged cleaning and disinfection solutions help to redefine clean in the home, professional, and healthcare environments. Microban International remains committed to contributing to the advancement of material protection and cleaning technologies to better our world and provide peace of mind to product users.

Innovation is the legacy and lifeblood of Microban International. We will continue to invest in the development of breakthrough technologies and deliver on our mission to solve real-world problems through the power of our trusted brands – Microban® and Ultra-Fresh®.

Welcome to the new age of cleaner, fresher, and more sustainable products. Welcome to Microban International.

Continue to look to Microban first, for what’s next!