Antimicrobial Solutions Videos

Browse the videos below and get to know more about Microban and our antimicrobial solutions.

Overview: Microban® Built-In Antimicrobial Protection

From the microbiology lab to the analytical lab, Microban's in house innovators, scientists, and researchers are unmatched in specialized knowledge and experience. We provide our customers with a full suite of global support services and responsive, expert attention. Take a look at our overview video to learn more.

Consumer Applications: Antimicrobial Product Protection

Our custom antimicrobial technologies are built into consumer products during manufacturing, providing around the clock protection from unwanted microbes like bacteria, mold, and mildew for the lifetime of the product. Explore the many consumer product applications of Microban® technology in the video below.

Environments: The Antimicrobial Solution

From commercial products like building materials, food service equipment and transport products, to healthcare devices and supplies, the applications for Microban antimicrobial product protection are limitless. Take a look at the typical B2B applications of antimicrobial technology.

Antimicrobial Product Innovations: Who We Work With

Click here to check out our Who We Work With playlist on YouTube.