From what it is, to how it can benefit a product; Microban discusses antimicrobial technology and why you should be taking notice.

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mbns18_featured_Defining Antimicrobial Technology

Defining Antimicrobial Technology

Take a moment to learn more about antimicrobial technology, the common active ingredients, and how it effectively combats microbial growth.

Discover the definition of antimicrobial technology

mbns18_featured_Creating Antimicrobial Product

Creating an Antimicrobial Product

From initial concept to market launch, Microban's experienced team will guide you through the process of creating an effective antimicrobial product.

Discover how to enhance your product with antimicrobial protection

mbns18_featured_Benefits Antimicrobial Technology

Benefits of Antimicrobial Protection

Antimicrobial protection has revolutionized cleanliness, hygiene and durability for an array of products. Discover how Microban's innovative technologies can help differentiate your business.

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mbns18_featured_Antibacterial Vs Antimicrobial

Antibacterial vs. Antimicrobial

They're often used interchangeably, but the terms antibacterial and antimicrobial have very different meanings.

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Microban® vs. Nanotechnology

Due to concerns surrounding its negative effects on both humans and the environment, Microban® proactively chooses not to offer antimicrobial nanotechnologies within our additive portfolio.

Learn more about the risks associated with antimicrobial nanotechnology