Antimicrobial Solutions for Product Protection

For over 35 years, Microban® has helped companies of all shapes and sizes create products with microbe-inhibiting features. Our innovative antimicrobial technologies last for the expected lifetime of a product, allowing your customers to worry less, enjoy life more, and Live On™. Discover more via the resources below.

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From what it is, to how it can benefit a product; Microban discusses antimicrobial technology and why you should be taking notice.

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Microban® antimicrobial solutions are custom formulated to fit your specific application and criteria. Incorporated during the manufacturing process, our antimicrobial additives operate on a cellular level to continuously inhibit the growth of microorganisms on the surface of your product.

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Microban® antimicrobial additives can be incorporated into almost any material type without disrupting your manufacturing process or supply chain. Common applications include plastics, coatings, and textiles.

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Hygiene critical environments, such as foodservice, healthcare, and education, benefit from products featuring built-in antimicrobial protection.

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What is antimicrobial technology? Is it safe to use? How does it differ from disinfectants? Find out the answers to the most frequently asked questions about antimicrobial technology.

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Microban® is committed to helping the world expand its knowledge of antimicrobial technology. From learning what a microbe is, to understanding how Microban® can be applied in various environments, our resources section assists you with your own antimicrobial research.

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