Winning relationships win new business. Phifer realized increased buyer preference for Sheerweave® fabric with built-in Microban® technology.

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As cleanliness and product durability become a bigger focus for the building community, Phifer’s partnership with Microban International and our research and development relationship provides a unique advantage for our customers.

New research indicates that, when it comes to cleanliness, the patient environment is just as important as the nurse’s hands.

When you enter the patient room in a hospital, primary care physician’s office, or outpatient facility, you are encountering a multitude of bacteria. Hospitals have routines for cleaning, but the training and compliance monitoring systems are just being put into place. As development of new solutions for these issues continues to progress, innovative technologies built into building materials used in the healthcare environment will be an important part of a system’s approach to keeping healthcare facilities cleaner.

Microban technology is utilized in Phifer SheerWeave® shading fabrics for added protection against the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew. The technology is built into the coated yarns at the point of manufacture, so it will not wash off or wear away for the life of the woven product. This enhancement not only helps Phifer customers maintain a beautiful product, but makes SheerWeave an ideal option for specification into cleanliness-critical environments such as healthcare.

"Through our partnership with Microban, Phifer customers have been able to develop a unique selling proposition for specifying SheerWeave products in the healthcare industry. One such shade manufacturer was working with a client who focuses on supplying textiles to the healthcare industry. As they were looking to expand their business into offering solar shades, the client recognized the Microban brand name and the value of this particular product enhancement as a game changer for interior roller shades in healthcare environments. As a result, the client moved a large portion of their business from a competitor to Phifer’s shade manufacturing customer and will ultimately promote an entire fabric swatch deck focused solely on SheerWeave fabrics.

At Phifer, we see bringing new innovation and product differentiation to our customers as one of our core strengths. Our goal is to provide a shade fabric solution with enhanced features that delivers added value in the markets they serve. Our exclusive partnership with Microban is a great illustration of a strength that has helped our partners win business and meet the needs of their clients."

Gregg Terry, Director of Marketing, PHIFER INCORPORATED

SheerWeave interior sun control fabrics provide the perfect balance of light, comfort and beauty, making them the ideal window covering solution for residential and commercial spaces alike.