Antimicrobial technology in outdoor fabrics allows you to enjoy your garden in peace

Since we are living in a sustainably conscious world, we all want fabrics and materials that are going to last. This is particularly true for outdoor fabrics used for producing lawn chairs – as well as insect and window screens – as they are exposed to the elements. This constant exposure creates a damp, warm microclimate that is ideal for the growth of mold and mildew. It is less than ideal to have to regularly clean outdoor equipment and fabric to prevent its degradation, which is why Phifer Incorporated has partnered with Microban to develop antimicrobial fabrics providing peace of mind and enhanced cleanliness for customers.

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The Company: Phifer, Inc.

Phifer Incorporated is the largest textile weaving and manufacturing company in the US, designing and manufacturing insect screens, solar control fabrics and fabrics for outdoor furniture. The company was founded in 1952 with the goal to provide exceptional quality and service to its customers. Ever since, Phifer has been on top of technical innovations and design trends, while remaining dedicated to its clients, which allowed it to grow from a small family-owned company to the market leader that it is today.

The Challenge: It is not always sunny in Philadelphia

Great outdoor spaces bring you closer to nature and all that it entails, which unfortunately, is not always pleasant; if you do not live in Florida or another sunny state, you may experience rain more often than sunshine. This not only makes it unpleasant to venture outside, but is also really bad for your outdoor furniture and screens, soaking into the materials which leads to the growth of bacteria and other undesirables, like mold and mildew. Regular cleaning can help to some extent, but will not remove the root of the problem. Unfortunately, fabrics that have become infested are very hard to save; the microbes will create stains, making your furniture and screens slimy and smelly. In addition, mold and mildew can even dissolve the weave, creating weak spots that rip more easily, shortening the lifetime of the product.

The Solution: Sustainable, practical, beautiful

Sustainability has become a key point for many customers, with numerous companies working to improve the longevity of their products and reduce their impact on the environment. Protecting outdoor furniture and screens from microbial infestation helps to prolong the lifetime of these products, and has been successfully achieved by Phifer by incorporating Microban® antimicrobial technology into its line of products. Gregg Terry, Marketing Director at Phifer, commented: “We are the only company that can offer outdoor fabrics and screens protected by Microban antimicrobial technology, which gives our customers the added value they cannot find anywhere else.”


Phifer’s antimicrobial fabrics are available in many different styles and colors, suitable for dressing sling chairs, sofas and pillows, beatifying any garden or patio. You can see some stylish examples in the pictures above, or create your own dream patio using this visualization tool.

Benefits of Phifer Fabrics with Microban® Technology

  • Built-in Microban antimicrobial technology provides 24/7 protection and keeps fabrics and screens fresh between cleans, significantly suppressing growth of bacteria, molds and mildews.
  • Once Microban technology has been incorporated into a product, it cannot be removed by harsh cleaning chemicals or wear, and protects the product throughout its entire lifetime.
  • Phifer’s products are also GREENGUARD certified, guaranteeing low chemical emissions and good air quality.
  • Phifer’s customers benefit from beautiful outdoor furniture fabrics and screens, which are not susceptible to microbial growth, giving them the peace of mind to better enjoy their outdoor spaces.

“We are the only company that can offer outdoor fabrics and screens protected by Microban antimicrobial technology, which gives our customers the added value they cannot find anywhere else.”

Gregg Terry | Marketing Director, Phifer