Microban and Phenix Flooring set out to develop the best carpet on the market; one that stays cleaner and fresher for longer, and meets consumer expectations for a specific look and feel.

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In 2015 we embarked on a partnership to revolutionize the consumer carpet industry. In our continuing efforts to evolve our product line, provide the highest quality materials available to our customers, we partnered with Microban International.
Chris Johnson, Senior Vice President of Sales, Phenix Flooring

Solutions that help keep carpeting cleaner for longer have been on the minds of consumers and carpet manufacturers for decades. A simple google search for how to clean your carpets produces hundreds if not thousands of results and tips from people all around the world to address this common concern. There have been numerous efforts to address consumer demand for carpets that support the trend toward healthier, cleaner homes, but none have been fully successful at meeting the consumer need and search for the best carpet on the market.

Microban began a relationship with Phenix Flooring to address this unmet need in the market.

The team took stock of all of the previous attempts at creating a carpet product to fill this gap in the marketplace, and set out to develop the best carpet that included both a systems approach to remaining cleaner and fresher for longer, and met consumers’ high expectations for a specific look and feel of the carpets they purchase.


Several years of research, development and product trials led to the development of The Cleaner Home Collection.

This revolutionary carpet combines three technologies for a carpet that works harder for the consumer. The team of scientists at Microban worked closely with the manufacturing facility for Phenix Flooring to customize a zinc-based solution to inhibit the growth of stain and odor causing bacteria, mold and mildew in the carpet. The unique properties of Microban ZPTech® technology have been shown to provide superior protection against a broad spectrum of microorganisms and is bluesign® approved as a solution for sustainable textile production. The customized process and approach to incorporate Microban ZPTech technology during the manufacturing process required persistence and flexibility, but ultimately yielded a product that is the first-of-its-kind in the consumer carpet industry.

"At its core, Microban is an innovations company. Our team is constantly developing new technologies that ultimately result in enhanced product performance for the end user. This process of developing this technology for Phenix Flooring and The Cleaner Home® Collection was no different…Our zinc based technology is manufactured directly into the carpeting, which creates an inhospitable environment for the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew, helping to eliminate potential stains and odors, resulting in a cleaner carpet."

Dr. Ivan Ong, Vice President of Research & Development, Microban