Medline: Cleaner Assistance in the Bathroom

Medline, a manufacturer and distributor of a variety of healthcare products, now provides a complete portfolio of bath safety products – including shower chairs, bath benches, rollators, raised toilet seats, grab bars and many others – that are protected by Microban® antimicrobial technology. Tambra Martin, Vice President Marketing at Medline, describes how the partnership with Microban has boosted innovation in its product lines.

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The Company: Medline Industries

Medline Industries Inc is the largest, privately owned manufacturer of healthcare equipment in the US, producing more than 350,000 products that are distributed to hospitals, extended-care facilities, home care dealers, and retail outlets around the globe. Medline has constantly focused on the key drivers of innovation and excellence, helping it to grow from a small company, founded in 1910, to the market leader that it is today, with a customer base spread all over the world, from North America and Europe to Asia and the Middle East. Essentially, Medline can provide any ancillary product that a hospital needs, from bed pans and gloves to wheelchairs and bath benches. Medline has also recently secured a prestigious Ironman license, supplying items such as knee support and bandages to athletes.

The Challenge: Microbial growth on bath safety products

Using the bathroom is part of our daily routine, something that many of us take for granted and perceive as an easy task. However, for a person who has recently undergone surgery or has limited mobility due to other health problems, something as simple as taking a shower can require a lot of assistance. For this reason, all hospitals, and some private homes, have bathrooms equipped with grab bars, shower chairs and raised toilet seats. These products provide the needed support, but they are frequently touched and used in moist environments, which means that they can easily become a breeding ground for microbes, leading to stains, discoloration, and product degradation.

Microbial growth on sports products

The need for support is not limited to people with reduced mobility but also extends to elite sports, where harsh competitions like Ironman can put a lot of stress on the body. Items such as knee or elbow supports and ankle wraps can help to relieve the strain but, as they are constantly exposed to sweat and body heat, they will quickly develop odors and stains caused by bacterial growth.


The Solution: Long term 24/7 protection

Medline has partnered with Microban, the world leader in antimicrobial technology, to provide its bath safety products with reliable and long-term protection against microbes. All the commodes, shower chairs, bath benches, rollators, raised toilet seats, grab bars, and transport wheelchairs offered by Medline are now produced with Microban antimicrobial protection integrated straight into the raw material. The same applies to the Ironman and Curad product lines, where Microban technology is incorporated into the fabric and protects the material from degradation.

Double quality warranty

The combination of Medline’s innovation and high quality with Microban’s antimicrobial expertise gives customers a double dose of reliability, providing a quality warranty from not only one, but two respectable companies with outstanding reputations. Tambra explained: “The Microban and Medline teams have worked closely together during the quality testing processes to ensure that the products offer users the high-level product protection that they have been promised.”

“The Microban and Medline teams have worked closely together during the quality testing processes to ensure that the products offer users the high-level product protection that they have been promised.”

Tambra Martin | VP Marketing, Medline

The Benefits: Cleaner, fresher surfaces

  • Medline supplies a complete set of bath safety products enhanced with Microban technology, providing assistance and support in the bathroom while minimizing microbial growth. Microban technology provides 24/7 protection against microbes and, together with regular cleaning routines, it keeps the surfaces nice and fresh.
  • Microban protection has also been extended to Medline’s wheelchairs that are now available in vibrant colors and with upgraded features – including larger wheels and thicker seats – to make every journey clean, comfortable and visually pleasing. “Since many wheelchair users are younger, they value the aesthetics of the wheelchair, and it is important to offer them products that are not only functional, comfortable but also nice to look at!”
  • Medline has introduced a line of Curad first aid products as well as an exclusive Ironman Performance Series® product line, containing items such as knee or elbow support and ankle wraps, protected by Microban antimicrobial technology that keeps them fresh and helps to prevent stains and odors.
  • When Microban is built into the bath products, sports items, and wheelchairs, it becomes a part of the product that cannot wear away or be washed off, retaining the same level of protection for the product’s lifetime.
  • Microban offers its partners regulatory and marketing guidance for using antimicrobial claims in distribution regions around the world, supported by our vast knowledge of the Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR) and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) policies and other regulatory bodies in each geography

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