Support improved learning with products featuring built-in antimicrobial surface protection.

Antimicrobial Surface Protection Enhances the Learning Environment

Products and equipment used in education environments ranging from elementary schools and learning centers to colleges and universities can be breeding grounds the growth of bacteria, but antimicrobial surface protection technologies can help. Because products are often shared among multiple users and used in self-serve situations, cleaning protocols can be difficult to maintain. However, we know that the spread of bacteria and even mold and mildew in education environments can have significant consequences. Premature product degradation, stains and odors, as well as lost instructional time and impact to the learning experience can all result from the proliferation of bacteria, mold and mildew across a variety of learning environments. In addition, studies show that students learn better in clean environments.

As budgets and personnel continue to be major pain points in education, improved product longevity and durability can make a difference in the procurement process. Products featuring built-in Microban antimicrobial technology resist the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew by up to 99.9%. This layer of proactive protection can be built into a variety of products and materials to provide 24/7 antimicrobial action that lasts the life of the treated product. Microban technologies will not wash off or wear away, but also do not create emissions into the environment.

What Types of Products Benefit from Antimicrobial Surface Protection?

Products featuring antimicrobial technology are ideal for use in high-touch environments, moisture-rich environments, high-traffic areas and hygiene-sensitive environments. Most learning environments fall into at least one of these categories. Everything from building materials for schools, to coatings for electronics and plastics for learning toys and musical instruments can be treated with antimicrobial product protection. The customized technologies create an inhospitable environment for bacteria, mold and mildew, ultimately inhibiting their ability to growth and reproduce.

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To put it simply, as demonstrated in the 24-hour comparison of surfaces above, on an untreated surface, bacteria multiply rapidly. On a Microban protected surface, the bacteria struggle to survive and are reduced by up to 99.9%. The treated surface is easier to clean and remains cleaner between cleanings.

Give your customers in education the benefit of antimicrobial surface protection for cleaner, more durable products.

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