Resources: Learning about Microban Antimicrobial Solutions

Microban® is committed to supplying our current and future customers with educational resources. From detailed whitepapers and videos, to definitions of commonly used terms; our resources section assists you with your own antimicrobial solutions research.

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mbns18_featured_Technical White Papers

Technical White Papers

Technical white papers straight from the Microban Labs. Our team of over 27 highly skilled Research & Development scientists and engineers create informative and thought provoking whitepapers to aid our partners' marketing efforts and educate our prospective customers.


mbns18_featured_Glossary Of Antimicrobial Terms

Glossary Of Terms

From A-Z: discover the meanings behind commonly utilized antimicrobial terms.



Microbe Directory

Learn more about the key microbes that Microban® antimicrobial technology has been proven effective against


mbns18_featured_Videos What Is Microban


What is Microban? Who is Microban? Browse the videos below and get to know us! From how antimicrobials work to making an antimicrobial product, we're here to answer any and all of your questions about antimicrobial solutions.