LAPISSHIELD™: Antimicrobial Technology for Water-Based Coatings

LapisShield is a heavy-metal-free antimicrobial technology that offers improved quality and stability for water-based coatings.

Lapis Shield MOA
Mbns22 Microban Lapis Shield Easy to Use


Optimized processing and manufacturing requirements allow for easy incorporation into water-based coating systems

Mbns22 Microban Lapis Shield Heavy Metal Free


The technology does not contain heavy-metal-based chemistries and is an effective alternative to metal-based antimicrobial additives

Mbns22 Microban Lapis Shield Broad Spectrum


Effective against not just stain and odor-causing bacteria but also the growth of product-degrading fungi including mold and mildew

Mbns22 Microban Lapis Shield Improved Quality

Improved quality

Improved stability with minimal impact on optical properties of water-based coatings, making it ideal for transparent and thin coatings

Mbns22 Microban Lapis Shield Multiple Applications

Multiple applications

Can be integrated into water-based coatings for application on a wide range of substrates, including polymers, glass, and metal

Mbns22 Microban Lapis Shield 24 7 Protection

24/7 protection

Delivers 24/7 product protection against microbial growth - including bacteria and mold - for the expected life of the coating

Mbns22 Microban Lapis Shield Global Registration

Global registration

The active ingredient is registered with U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and EU Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR)

Mbns22 Microban Lapis Shield UV Stable

UV stable

Ideal solution for use in outdoor water-based coating applications

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