Excalibur® addresses microbial induced corrosion in sanitary sewer systems and other infrastructure technology.

Microbial Induced Corrosion in Concrete and Infrastructure Technology

Failure of sewer and water management systems is becoming an increasingly costly problem globally. The direct and indirect costs of these failures can have a negative impact on municipalities in ways such as reconstruction expenses, service outages, and lost time and productivity just to name a few. As municipalities continue to be impacted by unplanned costs associated with sanitary sewer systems and concrete corrosion, they are demanding more support from vendors for proactive solutions.

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Unlike traditional approaches to addressing the issue of microbially induced corrosion in concrete (MICC) that attempt to improve acid resistance, Microban® Excalibur® offers unique dual action protection against concrete corrosion, combining antimicrobial effectiveness against the growth of acid-producing microorganisms with increased hydrophobicity. Testing shows that the treated concrete is better able to resist the penetration of corrosion-causing acid, thus extending the lifespan of the concrete and other infrastructure technology.

Concrete Corrosion Inhibitor for Sanitary Sewer Systems

Traditional approaches to combating microbial induced corrosion can have an adverse effect, and in some cases can make concrete more susceptible to microbial attach in sanitary sewer systems. The major challenge facing concrete is the MICC issue – an efficient, cost-effective solution to this issue actually makes concrete a more attractive choice. Customers who chose concrete structures will be interested in the opportunity to avoid unnecessary risk by building in a concrete corrosion inhibitor.

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Available research by the Microban® team demonstrates the efficacy and extension of the concrete lifespan when concrete is treated with Microban® Excalibur®. As the primary EPA registration holder for the active chemistry used in Excalibur®, a Microban® partnership can provide significant pricing benefits. Our chemistry has been used in a variety of concrete installations and a variety of infrastructure technology. Additionally, the Excalibur® chemistry can be supplied worldwide, and implementation can be supported on a global basis. Lead your industry by helping your customers avoid the high cost of concrete failure.

Innovation Serving Unmet Needs

No matter what material you're seeking to treat, we are here to explore your specific application criteria and will create the customized solution that aligns with your specific vision and business. Our product portfolio is one of the broadest in the industry – with over 25 technology platforms and over 100 unique proven solutions to cover the needs of partners and prospects across Commercial, Consumer, and Healthcare spaces.

When you work with Microban®, our best in class Research & Development team can deliver tailored solutions for any application or customer need for which we do not have a ready and proven solution. We value our partners all around the world and we are committed to offering innovations that serve unmet needs.