Antimicrobials on Transportation

The incorporation of antimicrobial technologies in transportation equipment provides longer lasting materials that remain cleaner for longer.

Antimicrobial Product Protection for High-Touch, High-Traffic Surfaces

On an unprotected surface, bacteria can double in number every 20 minutes. In transportation, where there is often a less stringent protocol for consistent cleaning, this issue can be magnified. Even as surfaces are cleaned, once they come into contact with bacteria, the cycle begins again. In addition, contact with moisture and sources of nutrition can further speed the growth of bacteria and cause the growth of mold and mildew.

As these microbes continue to multiply on surfaces, stains and odor can occur, contributing to premature product degradation and requiring early replacement.

Equipment used in the transportation industry falls into many of the categories one would consider breeding grounds for high risk for the growth of microorganisms. However, there is technology available that provides proactive protection against harmful bacteria, mold and mildew that can cause stains, odors and product degradation.

Microban antimicrobial technologies provide proactive, 24/7 protection that inhibits the growth of microbes on high-touch, high-traffic surfaces. In lab studies, the technologies demonstrate up to 99.9% reduction in the growth of bacteria, thereby limiting the stains and odors that develop as a result.

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To put it simply, as demonstrated in the 24-hour comparison of surfaces above, on an untreated surface, bacteria multiply rapidly. On a Microban protected surface, the bacteria struggle to survive and are reduced by up to 99.9%. The treated surface is easier to clean and remains cleaner between cleanings.

Transportation-Related Equipment Enhanced by Antimicrobial Technology

In almost ever realm of transportation, there are a host of products and equipment that can be enhanced by the addition of antimicrobial technology.

The team of research & development experts at Microban can customize our portfolio of more than 25 active technologies to provide the greatest efficacy and ease of integration in a variety of materials, including plastics, coatings and textiles.

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  • Interior foam
  • Cabin air filters
  • Floor mats
  • Molded plastic parts and accessories
  • Interior flooring
  • Interior textiles
Mbns18 transportation aviation mtime20190225200929


  • Filter media
  • Seating textiles
  • Table trays
  • Window shades
  • Overhead compartment components
  • Security bins
  • Flooring
Mbns18 transportation elevator mtime20190225200929

Vertical Transportation

  • Elevator cars
  • Escalator handrails
  • Buttons & controls
  • Coatings for vertical transport
  • Exterior vertical transport
Mbns18 transportation train seats mtime20190225200929

Public Transportation

  • Grab bars & handles
  • Seating textiles
  • Controls & switches
  • Interior panels
  • Flooring
  • HVAC and filter media

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