Antimicrobial Products for Hygiene Sensitive Environments

Microban provides antimicrobial product protection for a variety of environments.

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Food Service

As food safety regulations become more aggressive globally in an attempt to avoid food recalls and issues of cross-contamination, manufacturers of products for the industry should be looking for innovative, proactive methods to improve cleanliness. The incorporation of built-in antimicrobial technologies is an effective solution to enhance cleaning and sanitation protocols that may already be in place.

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There is ongoing research in healthcare aimed at identifying the role of the environment in Healthcare Associated Infections (HAI). Many academic researchers, infection control professionals and even the Centers for Disease Control, recognize that the patient environment plays a critical role in HAI acquisition and transmission. While antimicrobial products will not replace disinfection and cleaning practices, they have value as part of a systems approach to environmental cleanliness.

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Building Materials

The presence of bacteria, mold and mildew contributes to premature product degradation and the development of stains and odors. Enhancing these products with built-in antimicrobial protection not only contributes to a cleaner environment, but also improves product durability, ultimately extending product lifespan.

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Consumer Products

As consumers demand "smart" products that work harder for them, manufacturers are challenged with adding meaningful features that enhance product performance. Similarly, consumers express ongoing concern about exposure to bacteria in their daily lives. With Microban as a strategic partner, the incorporation of built-in antimicrobial technologies can be a solution for both of these manufacturing challenges.

Education mtime20190225200935


Research shows that participants in educational environments can be impacted by the cleanliness of the space. Facility managers in education are tasked with selecting the products and equipment that help maintain a cleaner environment for learning. Products enhanced with built-in antimicrobial protection remain cleaner between cleanings, aiding facility managers in fulfilling the cleanliness promise.

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Commercial Products

Durability and product lifespan are key considerations when business decision makers are selecting products for use in commercial environments. High traffic, high touch surfaces can be impacted by lapses in cleaning protocols. The incorporation of built-in antimicrobial technology provides an added advantage that helps ensure that the job gets done right the first time.

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As the transportation industry continues to evolve and exposure to bacteria continues to be an issue globally when traveling, more focus is being given to innovate methods to manage cleanliness. Public transportation, vehicles used in car-sharing and vertical transportation all pose cleanliness challenges and can be enhanced by the incorporation of antimicrobial technologies.