Antimicrobial Product Development

So you want to create an antimicrobial product, but don't know where to start? Microban's experienced team of microbiologists, chemists and engineers can help.

How Can You Create an Antimicrobial Product?

With more than 35 year's experience in the field, Microban are experts in antimicrobial technology and its applications. Our team of product development specialists will supply you with efficient and thorough guidance on your journey to creating an antimicrobial product.

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Phase 1: Planning the Creation of Your Antimicrobial Product

Following your decision to implement antimicrobial protection into a product line, our product development strategy team begins working with your company to develop each aspect of the project. Initial conversations help Microban® determine how and where our antimicrobial compounds will assist with added product hygiene and cleanliness.

Key questions:

  • What is your product made from (i.e. plastic)
  • How and where is your product manufactured (i.e. injection molded in China)
  • Where in the world will it be commercialized (i.e. sold in one country vs. globally)
  • What will be the product's end-use (i.e. children's toy)
  • What environment(s) will it be utilized in (i.e. school)
  • What are you looking to achieve (i.e. marketing claim vs. addressing a genuine concern)

Our product development cycle covers an array of considerations during the initial planning phase. Microban® engineers then begin designing your unique antimicrobial solution.

Phase 2: Designing an Additive for Your Antimicrobial Product

Microban® engineering is efficient yet thorough during the design stage of our antimicrobial product development cycle. After accounting for vital factors such as product-compound interactions and targeted additive loading levels, an antimicrobial solution is designed based on these results to protect the product throughout its useful lifetime.

Phase 3: Developing an Additive for Your Antimicrobial Product

During the final stage of the antimicrobial product development process, we test newly designed compounds to ensure proper antimicrobial functionality and compatibility with your manufacturing process. After any antimicrobial misnomers are resolved, the development stage comes to a close with the creation of your customized antimicrobial additive.

Phase 4: Integrating an Additive into Your Antimicrobial Product

Following successful development of your antimicrobial additive, Microban® engineers will provide advice and guidance on how to integrate it into your manufacturing process. We will then support your antimicrobial product with ongoing quality control testing and technical support, ensuring it performs to the highest standards at all times.