Scentry Odor Control Technology

Scentry® is a safe and sustainable odor management technology, that helps capture and neutralize odor in clothing.

Odor Control for Sustainable Fashion Garments

Sustainable fashion is often made from polyester, nylons and elastane blends, it retains odors. Washing alone does little to prevent or remove those odors, so it does not take long before your running shoes or yoga pants are rendered useless by an overpowering stench. Microban odor control solutions mean your products do not have to fall victim to permastink.

How Scentry® Technologies Work

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The Benefits of Scentry® Technologies

No Additional Steps

Can be pad applied during the normal fabric manufacturing process.

Extends the Useful Life of Textiles

Virtually eliminates the persistent odors that can ruin fabrics. Washing textiles less not only keeps them out of landfills but saves you time, money and resources.

Multiple Applications

Forms a protective odor resistant barrier on polyester, spandex, nylon and polyester-elastane blends.

Compatible with Most Auxiliaries

Works well with auxiliaries such as moisture management, water repellents and softeners. Hand and moisture management properties of fabrics are not negatively affected.

Sustainable & Safe

Scentry® has a history of safe use and is a sustainable odor management technology that has earned Eco Passport by Oeko-Tex® certification and bluesign® blue certification. Making it safe for even the most sustainable textile manufacturing processes. Scentry® is naturally occurring and does not require biocidal registration making it ideal for sustainable fashion development projects.