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Home is where freshness and hygiene is key.

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Microban technologies offer an added level of hygiene protection for home products like shower curtains, bedding, mattresses and more - a barrier against bacteria, odor, mold and mildew.

Home textiles are often treated with water-repellent and stain-resistant agents. Unfortunately, odor-control and antimicrobial performance is often compromised when co-applied with those finishing agents. However, Microban has designed antimicrobial and odor-capture fabric formulations and processes that successfully treat home textiles and foams that are compatible with other finishing agents. This means you can offer your consumers antimicrobial or odor resistant household products that still deliver the performance they’re used and stay cleaner between washes or can be used on products that are not washed, like mattresses.

Sleep is now considered one of the four pillars of heath

Consumers want a good nights sleep and Microban can help. Our technologies provide extended freshness, odor management and mold protection for those frequently used items in your bedroom. From bedding to pillows to mattresses these products are in constant contact with us and our sweat 6-8 hours everyday. For products that are hard to wash or aren't washed at all Microban can provide an extra level of hygiene and odor control. Our technologies have a history of safe use and are have bluesign® and Okeo-Tex® certifications so they work with the most sustainable textile manufacturing process.

Your fight against Mold and Mildew just got easier

At Microban we not only do we treat textiles but foams and polymers as well. Mild and Mildew can creep into your shower linear or bath mat, because of it's constant contact with moisture. Have you hear of toilet plume that just sprays everywhere? Other bathroom products like towels can develop unpleasant smells that linger and build-up, luckily our engineers have created a broad array of technologies that can help with these problem areas in your home, so you can worry less and spend less time cleaning.

Did you know that there can be spots on your kitchen sponge with just as high concentrations of bacteria as in a toilet?

Sponges and Towels make great kitchen helpers but they are in a warm and moist environment, with lots of surface area, and they're tough to really clean and sanitize. Microban technology can inhibit the growth of these stain and odor causing bacteria and prolong the useful life of these kitchen products.

Mbns18 Toilet Plume Bacteria

Remember when your mom told you to put the toilet seat down?

Toilet plume is for real. When you flush a toilet the dispersal of microscopic particles will get on everything in its proximity from towels to shower curtains to toothbrushes. The spray of germs and fecal matter can go up in the air up to 15 feet high!