Home Isn’t Where the Bacteria Is.


Shower curtains, bedding and other home textiles are frequently treated with water-repellent and stain-resistant agents. 

Unfortunately, odor-control technology performance is often compromised when co-applied with those finishing agents.  Fortunately, though, Microban® has designed antimicrobial and odor-capture fabric formulations and processes that successfully treat home textiles without causing negative interferences with other finishing agents.

Microban is about more than technology, though. We’re committed to providing clients with support throughout the entire product development process. After collaborating during the planning stage, our engineering team begins designing the ideal antimicrobial fabric technology for the client’s specific product. By experimenting with various chemical compounds in our lab, our chemists then decipher which additives best resist microbial reproduction. At that point, we create masterbatches, as well as assist clients with regulatory approvals and patent counseling.

Appealing Technology.

Microban recently conducted a study with consumers in the market for bathmats to measure the impact Microban antimicrobial protection has on consumer purchase preference. The research included a control cell in which consumers were asked to indicate their buying preference after viewing product concepts for the three leading brands currently on shelf at retailers. Features were listed as in-store, and all three brands were of equal quality and price.

In the second research cell, all other variables remained constant, however Microban antimicrobial protection was added as a feature for one of the leading brands. The addition of Microban antimicrobial protection increased consumer purchase preference for that brand significantly with a +17-point shift in market share, amounting to an increase of +45% in consumer purchase preference.