Odor Control Accessories & Gear

Stay odor free wherever your adventure takes you.


Antimicrobial Protection & Odor Control Technology for Accessories & Gear

Tents, backpacks, hats and other outdoor gear are almost never washed, so it becomes even more important to incorporate antimicrobial technologies into these products to inhibit the growth of stain- and odor-causing bacteria.

For gear made of polypropylene (PP), there’s no better antimicrobial technology than the antimicrobial formulations from Microban. With our antimicrobial and odor control technology, you can control microbial growth and odors associated with bacteria in everything from yoga mats to coolers.

Plus, Microban makes the process easy. We collaborate openly with clients throughout the product development process. After determining a product’s odor control needs, our engineering team develops numerous formulations to pinpoint the most suitable antimicrobial and odor-capture protection technology. Once the ideal mixture is identified, Microban tests for product compatibility, durability and appropriate performance.

As you would expect from a true strategic partner, as product development ends, our team begins assisting our clients with regulatory approvals, patent counseling and more.