Ready to Wear your Odor Resistant Clothing, Again and Again?

Microban® offers comprehensive odor control technologies that meet your requirements for wash durability, processing conditions and cost effectiveness. We work with our partners to create odor resistant clothing and odor resistant fabrics that can be worn over and over.


Odor Resistant Clothing: Because Fresh Looks Good on You

Odor resistant clothing from your head to your toes, now doesn’t that sound ideal? With Microban® odor control technologies, there is no limit to the type of apparel that can be treated with our odor control solutions. Whether you are looking to partner with Microban to find an odor resistant fabric for your women’s yoga pants or have a focus on children’s athletic socks, we have a skilled team of engineers who will work to create the best solution to fit the needs of your specific products.

92% of Consumers Are Interested, Are You?

We have a long list of respected partners that have heard their consumers’ needs and seen the value in adding odor control protection into their clothing and fabrics. These partners have successfully leveraged our industry-leading odor resistant clothing and odor control technologies to best meet the needs of their consumers while creating a longer-lasting product.

But it’s not just our partners who recognize the added value that Microban provides. In a recent study, 92% of consumers said they would be interested in purchasing activewear with Microban protection. Consumers are becoming more aware of the benefits that odor control protection and antimicrobial technologies provide through self-education and research.

Odor Resistant Fabrics Customized for Your Products

Odor resistant clothing and fabrics are born in the planning and development phase and start with our team of engineers. After discussing objectives, our team of engineers will create the best-suited additives for your odor resistant clothing and fabrics by experimenting with an array of formulations to identify the specific chemical components your product needs to counteract microbial reproduction and odors. And we don’t stop there; we also help clients with everything from patent counseling to regulatory approvals.