Odor Control Apparel

Microban offers a broad portfolio of odor control technologies that can be used on anything from activewear to ready-to-wear to intimates. We work with our manufacturing and brand partners to create odor resistant clothing that can be worn over and over with confidence.

Odor Resistant Clothing: Because Fresh Looks Good on You

Odor resistant clothing from your head to your toes, now doesn’t that sound ideal? With Microban® odor control technologies, there is no limit to the type of apparel that can be treated with our odor control solutions. Microban has a skilled team of engineers who will work to create the best solution to fit the needs of your specific products.

92% of Consumers Are Interested, Are You?

We have a long list of respected partners that have heard their consumers’ needs and seen the value in adding odor control protection into their clothing and fabrics. These partners have successfully leveraged our industry-leading odor control solutions and created the best odor resistant clothing available in the market. Consumers want products that stay cleaner and fresher for longer and that offer an extra level of hygiene between washes. You can also save water, money and time by washing odor resistant clothing less.

But it’s not just our brand partners who recognize the added value that Microban provides. In a recent study, 92% of consumers said they would be interested in purchasing activewear with Microban protection. Consumers are becoming more aware of the benefits that odor control protection and antimicrobial technologies and see it as an important performance feature that affects their purchasing decision .

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Uniforms, especially those in the healthcare and foodservice industries, experience extensive exposure to microbial contaminated environments.

For that reason, the robust antimicrobial protection available from Microban is ideally suited for the demanding industries, as the technology is effective against a wide spectrum of micro-organisms is durable enough to withstand standard washing practices.

It’s little wonder that in a recent study over 80% of foodservice operators indicated an interest in having Microban antimicrobial protection incorporated into foodservice uniforms.

From the planning phase to patent counseling, Microban stands behind their partners. We collaborate heavily with clients during the planning stage, after which our engineers experiment with numerous formulations to determine which mixture of chemical properties your antimicrobial cloth technologies need. As the product development phase comes to a close, Microban begins assisting clients with regulatory approvals and patent counseling.

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Sweat is inevitable. Whether you are a professional athlete on the field, a mom in yoga class, or a working professional, sweat brings stains and unpleasant odors that are caused by bacteria. While there is no guarantee that the sweat will stop, Microban® odor control technologies keeps odor resistant clothing fresh for the busy professional on the go. Travel with an extra level of confidence and hygiene and keep your clothes cleaner when you don't have easy access to a washer.

Odor Control Technology to Meet Your Needs

Our engineering team creates additives using cutting-edge technologies that are applied during the finishing process, before the odor resistant fabric is cut and sewn into shirts.

By proactively collaborating with our partners during the planning stage of product development, we ensure that any concern is addressed and resolved before our engineers guide you through the development phase. This seamless integration of our technology into your products is something we do well and with confidence globally.

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Freshness Means Comfort

Because of the environment it’s subjected to, underwear and other intimates can be particularly vulnerable to not so fresh odors. The solutions from Microban work to strengthen the undergarment’s defenses and extend the life of the clothing that’s closest to your skin.

Our technologies are safe and effective for the end use applications they are intended for. We are a bluesign® systems partner and our portfolio of textile technologies have Okeo-tex® certifications as well. Microban works with the best quality products so our partners can deliver the best odor resistant clothing on the market.

The Microban and AEGIS trustmarks are globally recognized by brands and consumers for safety, expectional performance, and hygiene.