Antimicrobial Treatment Technologies

Microban antimicrobial treatments are custom formulated to fit your specific application and criteria. We offer silver, zinc, antifungal, and odor control technologies.

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mbns18_featured_Microban Silver Technology


Microban silver technology uses antimicrobial silver properties to prevent the growth of surface bacteria on polymers, textiles, coatings, ceramics, paper products, and more. Partner with Microban to enhance your product portfolio with the added benefit of hygiene and durability.

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mbns18_featured_Zinc Additives


Microban utilizes the power of zinc additives, a broad spectrum antimicrobial to enhance and protect products that are exposed to moisture or humid environments. Antimicrobial zinc that is integrated into products during the manufacturing process will keep surfaces and materials cleaner between cleanings.

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Mbns18 Aegis Microban Additives Antimicrobial Liquid Featured


Microban AEGIS® Microbe Shield is a full spectrum liquid antimicrobial suitable for use in a wide range applications. AEGIS antimicrobial technologies have been effectively used for over 30 years. Contact Microban today to discuss partnership options for AEGIS® technology.

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Excalibur Concrete Corrosion Solution


Microban Excalibur® is an antimicrobial treatment that addresses concrete corrosion in sanitary sewer systems and other infrastructure technology applications.

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