At Microban®, customer satisfaction is our biggest priority. That's why 250+ companies happily choose us as their antimicrobial solutions provider. Read Microban® partner testimonials, sent with appreciation by some of the world's leading brands.

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Samsonite® | Asia

Antimicrobial Travel Accessories

"We are very excited to be working with Microban International on this mission to provide upgraded product protection for everyday travellers.

Travellers take their bags everywhere on the journey, be it through airport security or to the places they visit for work and recreation. We felt that adding Microban® antimicrobial protection to our Samsonite® travel bags and accessories was a proactive approach to helping them stay protected."

Mr. Subrata Dutta | President of Asia Pacific

Phifer | United States

Antimicrobial Fabric for Interior Shading & Marine Flooring

"Through our partnership with Microban, Phifer customers have been able to develop a unique selling proposition for specifying SheerWeave products in the healthcare industry. One such shade manufacturer was working with a client who focuses on supplying textiles to the healthcare industry. As they were looking to expand their business into offering solar shades, the client recognized the Microban brand name and the value of this particular product enhancement as a game changer for interior roller shades in healthcare environments. As a result, the client moved a large portion of their business from a competitor to Phifer’s shade manufacturing customer and will ultimately promote an entire fabric swatch deck focused solely on SheerWeave fabrics.

At Phifer, we see bringing new innovation and product differentiation to our customers as one of our core strengths. Our goal is to provide a shade fabric solution with enhanced features that delivers added value in the markets they serve. Our exclusive partnership with Microban is a great illustration of a strength that has helped our partners win business and meet the needs of their clients."

Mr. Gregg Terry | Director of Marketing

ALOK Masterbatches | India

Antimicrobial Masterbatches

“There couldn’t have been a more exciting time for us to announce our partnership with Microban, than here at K Show 2019. Microban’s antimicrobial technologies, coupled with ALOK’s deep understanding of the Indian plastics industry, will enable us to cater to the evolving needs of the customers and further our mission of ADDING GOOD to the plastics industry.”

Mr. Vikram Bhadauria | Managing Director

“The Indian antimicrobial additives market is expected to witness significant demand from the healthcare, food & beverage, and packaging sectors in the years to come. Partnering with Microban will allow us to deliver high-quality, consistent masterbatches enhanced with antimicrobial technology to Indian markets – in time, on time."

Mr. Amit Puri | Director

Blue Haven Pools | United States

Antimicrobial Pool Filtration

"No one wants to clean a pool filter cartridge covered with microbe-filled slime. With Microban product protection in our filtration media, the growth of mold, algae, fungus, and bacteria is impeded. That means the filter stays fresher for longer. A customer benefit like this is why we include a Microban filter on every single swimming pool we build nationwide."

Mr. Stephen Treese | President

Coatings Tech | United Kingdom

Antimicrobial Coatings for Metal Surfaces

"We decided that when it came to choosing our partner within the antimicrobial additive market, there was only one choice that stood head and shoulders above all else, that being Microban, for their global expertise, scientific backup and service. Microban has given us a clear advantage when giving clarity to how the technology works in these difficult times.

In view of the current climate, it is our intention to move forward with more test evaluation to offer additional products to the market - with the assistance of Microban's customer relations expertise."

Mr. Steve Galinsky | Managing Director

Great Dane | United States

Antimicrobial Refrigerated Reefer Liners for Food Transportation

“Our customers have come to expect that Great Dane offers the most technologically advanced products on the market. The partnership with Microban, in addition to other Great Dane advances, provides our customers with products that will better prepare them to meet the more stringent standards of the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA).”

Ms. Brandie Fuller | Vice President of Marketing

Siam Inter Lock Tek | Thailand

Antibacterial Locking Systems

"Siam lnter Lock Tek Co., Ltd. has been cooperating with Microban® since 2012, and we are very pleased with the cooperation. We have gained a competitive edge over others in the same business, as we offer quality products along with utmost care for consumers' health."

Mr. Suvichai Janethana-arthakij | Managing Director

Phenix Flooring | United States

Antimicrobial Carpet Collection

"In 2015 we embarked on a partnership to revolutionize the consumer carpet industry. In our continuing efforts to evolve our product line, provide the highest quality materials available to our customers, we partnered with Microban International."

Mr. Chris Johnson | Senior Vice President of Sales

Jorakay | Thailand

Antimicrobial Grouts, Trim, Nosing, Cement and Stucco

“Microban® is considered as a significant partner for Jorakay. By cooperating with Microban®, we are the first company in Thailand to develop and introduce to the market Premium Plus® Crocodile® Tile Grout with superior anti-black mold properties. Premium Plus® has gained a high reputation as a market leader and has become Market Standard on Tile Grout Industry since 2005.

Microban® key properties to combat a wide spectrum of bacteria, fungi, mold and algae help Crocodile® products to be distinguished and dominate the market. This good collaboration ensures that we will serve the market needs with innovative products, high quality and sustainability.”

Mr. Suppapong Phetsuit | President

JCP Plastic | Thailand

Antimicrobial Food Storage Containers, Water Bottles & Chopping Boards

"Microban® has been more than just a supplier but a partner which helps us think and innovate. The Microban® team is very supportive in going the extra mile to help us think how we can serve our customers better. They also help us to connect with their network of customers so that we can do more businesses together. We are very privileged to be working with Microban® and we look forward to many more cooperations and opportunities with them."

Mr. Prakit Chareonchitmun | President

MacDermid Enthone Industrial Solutions | United Kingdom

Antimicrobial Films

"Our products are sold globally so it was important for us to partner with a globally recognised company. The Microban name has excellent global market recognition which met our need. Although we have been making films for human machine interfaces for over 30 years and are highly respected in that industry we have less microbial experience. Being able to draw on Microban’s experience of selling antimicrobial benefits was a key driver for us to partner with them. The team at Microban have been enormously helpful, offering excellent and speedy marketing and regulatory support.

We have made a durable, cleanable, antimicrobial hardcoated film for many years but it was a niche product for us aimed at hospital and medical equipment input interfaces and graphic overlay applications. In the current climate these properties are more in demand than ever before for a much wider range of applications. Any communal touchpoint needs to be frequently cleaned and the reassurance of being cleaner between cleans. We have therefore extended the markets we serve. The Microban name has allowed us to quickly create rapport, understanding and customer confidence in our products. We have re-invigorated our sales with new marketing collateral developed with Microban’s help. Our revenues are already running at record annual levels for this product range.

We are continuing to broaden the product range with a choice of haptic and optic properties creating focused technical solutions for displays, touch screens and equipment input surfaces. We are widening our markets to all communal touchpoints. For the future we are planning to offer our entire polycarbonate and polyester hardcoated film range enhanced with Microban technology in all global markets."

Ms. Anna Harris | Industrial Film Manager

Atlas Filtri | Italy

Antimicrobial Water Filter Systems
"Atlas Filtri has had a long term co-operation with Microban® and introduced Sanic water filter systems with anti-microbial product protection more than a decade ago. Thanks to Microban® technology and Atlas Filtri's expertise in plastic molding, we are now able to offer filter housings and filter cartridges that are protected from bacterial growth and make products safer and lasting longer in service.

Technical research and innovation have always been a must at Atlas Filtri in order to offer the most reliable solutions to consumers, and it is our intention to keep working closely with Microban® to achieve our mission."

Mr. Alberto Bellot | Sales Director

Kwikset | United States

Antimicrobial Door Hardware

“Kwikset received very positive feedback from builders and architects about our partnership with Microban after introducing it at IBS 2016. We’re excited Kwikset products with Microban are now available to builders and architects for current and future projects, at no extra cost.”

Ms. Michelle Gangi | Kwikset Senior Product Manager

Star Industrial Co., Ltd. | Hong Kong, China

Antimicrobial Chopping Boards & Sink Mats

"Being a significant partner of Red-A Star Industrial corporation since 2015, Microban® has been an important strategic partner who spared no effort in assisting and supporting our corporation to achieve the successful development of SilverShield® technology with superior anti-bacterial feature in Hong Kong and Macau.

Microban's ability to combat a wide spectrum of microbes, including Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus, makes Red-A stand out to be the innovator for modern professional catering services. We look forward again to the next cooperation with Microban® and with our utmost sincerity."

Ms. Jessica Leung | Business Development Director

Rod-Car | Brazil

Antimicrobial Trolleys for Supermarkets & Hospitals

“With the intention of continuous improvements in our line of products, we have already developed for some years an exclusive and growing partnership with Microban® International, for the application of Microban® antibacterial protection in all our products that involve human and / or food contact.

The technology is integrated into our line of supermarket trolleys with electrostatic finishes (paint and/or varnish), where various foodstuffs are directly deposited onto the structure of the trolleys which are often infested by various contaminants, causing the most diverse harm to consumers. Microban® is also manufactured into carriages for hospital use, which in turn have access to all the departments of the hospitals leaving them completely vulnerable to the transfer of contaminants.

In this way, we understand that the implementation of Microban® antibacterial protection in our products has a strong participation in the reduction of localized contamination in these sectors.

Consumers of retail and users of our products have perceived more each day the differentials adopted in our line, transforming this technology into essential market standard.”

Mr. Éd Silverio | Sales and Marketing Manager

Beijing Linping | China

Antimicrobial Epoxy Sealants & Grouts

"In today's society, we pay much more attention to a cleaner and hygienic environment. Health and hygiene are becoming the main concerns for consumers. With this, we devote our resources to develop product innovation with antimicrobial technology. Microban® has 35 years of antimicrobial technology experience, having partners in more than 30 countries, with more than 250 well-known companies and more than 1,000 products are using Microban® antimicrobial technology. We are honoured to work closely and partner with Microban® who is the global leader in the antimicrobial industry.

We are a manufacturer of epoxy sealant. Our products are mainly used along the joint of ceramic tiles. Microban® antimicrobial technology is efficient in inhibiting a variety of bacteria, fungi and molds. This helps Zeberry® Epoxy Sealant stand out and differentiate from other products in the industry. Nowadays, antimicrobial protected Zeberry® epoxy sealant has become one of the leading brands of epoxy grout in the Chinese market. We will continue fulfilling the market demand with innovative, high quality and sustainable products by having a good partnership with Microban®."

Mr. Chan Zhu Ping | Managing Director