Improve cleanliness in hygiene-critical healthcare environments by enhancing products and equipment with an added level of protection against bacterial growth.

Antimicrobial Healthcare Products & the Patient Environment

Healthcare associated infections (HAIs) impact more than 1.7 million people per year in the United States alone. New research indicates that the patient environment is just as important as the nurse’s hands in its impact on the patient's overall wellbeing. As you enter the patient room in a hospital, primary care physician’s office or outpatient facility, you are encountering a multitude of bacteria. Facilities have routines for cleaning, but the training and compliance monitoring systems are in early stages of development. As development of new solutions for these issues continues to progress, innovative technologies built-into materials used in the healthcare environment will be an important part of a systems approach to keeping healthcare facilities cleaner.

Microban technologies are built in to products at the point of manufacture to inhibit the growth of harmful organisms that are present in healthcare environments. In lab studies Microban's customized antimicrobial technologies for healthcare equipment have been shown to reduce bacteria such as MRSA, Ecoli, and VRE by up to 99.9%. Antimicrobial products for healthcare benefit from the added protection provided by integrated technologies. Even after repeated contamination, these products remain cleaner between cleanings and reduce the spread of bacteria on high-touch surfaces. Because they are added at the point of manufacture, these technologies become part of the molecular structure of the treated articles and will not wash off or wear away.

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Antibiotic Resistance Prevention & Incorporated Antimicrobials

Global attention on the growing issue of antibiotic resistance has lead to some confusion around incorporated antimicrobials. Antibiotics are one class of antimicrobials. Embedded antimicrobials are also classified under the same grouping, but are in fact very different from antibiotics. These built-in technologies utilized for product preservation, odor control and the control of stain causing microorganisms and can offer continuous microbial reduction on a material. Although the terms “antibiotic” and “antimicrobial” are often interchanged, there is not a relationship between the development of antibiotic resistance and built-in antimicrobial protection.

In fact, the use of built-in antimicrobials can support antibiotic resistance prevention efforts. As embedded antimicrobial technologies help prevent the growth of specific types of bacteria, there are fewer organisms in the patient environment that patients and employees may come into contact with over time. The reduction of bacterial presence, along with consistent cleaning and disinfection protocols, will lead to less need for antibiotics to treat the specific strains of bacteria that are controlled within the environment.

Healthcare Products & Equipment That Benefit from Built-in Antimicrobial Protection

Microban International was originally established by two biomedical engineers to manufacture technologies specifically for use in the healthcare industry. With Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) registrations in the US and compliance with the Biocidal Products Registry (BPR) in Europe, the Microban portfolio of active technologies is uniquely suited for incorporation into a number of different types of products used in the healthcare environment.

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In addition, the extensive expertise of the Microban research and development team allows for incorporation of the technologies in variety of substrates used for products in healthcare environments, including plastics, coatings and textiles.

Enhance the value of your healthcare product line and help create cleaner healthcare environments with proven antimicrobial protection.

This information is based upon standard laboratory tests and is provided as information only. Any claims for maintaining cleanliness, sanitation or sterility of medical devices would be regulated by the FDA. Many Microban antimicrobial additives can be used in conjunction with medical devices when obtaining device approval with the FDA.

Innovative Antimicrobial Healthcare Products