Infection Prevention Curtains Utilizing Microban® Technology

Based in the UK, MARLUX introduced one of the first disposable privacy curtains to the world and is now leading the way for infection control innovation. MARLUX partnered with Microban with the global vision to provide health care professionals with high quality products with antibacterial technology built-in as standard.

Available in a wide range of standard, printed & custom styles, MARLUX disposable curtains contain Microban SilverShield™ Antibacterial Technology to help provide protection against bacterial growth. Microban SilverShield™ Technology destroys bacteria on textiles without sacrificing material durability or longevity by combining the natural antibacterial power of silver with Duralink™, an innovative bonding system.

Reassuring patients of privacy and hygiene protection, Marlux privacy curtains with Microban technology provide an additional level of protection against bacterial growth and serve to underpin existing hygiene measures within healthcare facilities.