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Microban® antibacterial ceramic finishes will actively control microbial growth on ceramic surfaces and work to extend the effectiveness of regular cleaning routines.

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Microban vs. TiO2

Discover the critical differences between built-in Microban technologies and TiO2.

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Microban technology can be integrated into ceramic building materials to help deliver permanent surface protection against microbial growth.



Ceramic surfaces used in moist, warm environments, including domestic bathrooms and kitchens, benefit from the addition of antimicrobial protection.



Antibacterial ceramic surfaces used in healthcare environments are an essential part of a systems approach to keeping healthcare facilities cleaner.

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Active 24/7

Microban technology is a cost-effective solution that remains active for your ceramic product's expected lifetime (so long as the glaze remains intact).

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Microban's patented ceramics technology delivers lifelong surface protection against the growth of harmful bacteria, including E. coli and S. aureus.

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Microban technology is effective against stain and odor-causing bacterial growth. This helps to create inherently cleaner ceramic products.

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Safe to use

Microban ceramics technology contains non-leaching ingredients that are notified with the EU BPR and registered with the US EPA.

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Food contact*

Selected Microban technologies are food contact approved, being listed on EFSA, registered with the EPA, and permitted for use by the FDA.

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Tried & trusted

Microban ceramics technology is used and trusted by some of the world's leading ceramics manufacturers, including Panariagroup, Florida Tile and Dongpeng.

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