Antimicrobials for Construction

Building products enhanced with Microban technologies are protected against mold growth, remain cleaner between cleanings and meet building specifications.

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Mbns23 Microban Technology Shields Silver Shield FT

SilverShield® is a range of silver-based antibacterial technologies for building materials. Perfect for use in various food-contact surfaces.

Mbns23 Microban Technology Shield MICROGUARD FT

MicroGuard™ is a range of metal-free antifungal technologies for polymeric applications. An alternative to arsenic-based formulations.

Mbns22 Microban Technology Lapis Shield FT

LapisShield™ is a heavy-metal-free antimicrobial technology that offers improved quality and stability for water-based coating systems.

Microban International supports fact and science-based decision-making. We would like to offer the following information on the topic of antimicrobials for building materials so that the public, the consumer, and other stakeholders can make fully informed decisions.