Antifungal Cement & Tile Grout From Jorakay and Microban

Jorakay Corporation is a leading Thai manufacturer of cementitious building materials. For over 25 years, the company has endeavoured to create products that deliver functional benefits and added peace of mind for consumers. Jorakay is represented by its well-known crocodile mascot, symbolising the courage, strength, and honour of the business.

The presence of microbes on building materials can lead to stains, odours and premature product degradation. Building materials typically contain starches, organic adhesives and cellulose sugars, making them more susceptible to the impacts of mould growth over time.

The resulting material degradation can have costly consequences, both in repair and replacement of building materials and expenses associated with temporary relocation or lost business.


Pictured above (l-r): Untreated tile grout vs. Microban® treated tile grout.

In buildings ranging from offices and factories to residences and hotels, building professionals and consumers recognise the key benefits of choosing materials that are more durable and feature built-in properties for mould prevention.

Thailand's First & Only Building Material Range With Microban® Protection

A decade's worth of research has allowed Jorakay to develop Thailand's first and only building material range enhanced with Microban® antimicrobial technology.

Integrated during the manufacturing process, Microban® becomes an intrinsic feature of the products. The technology works by disrupting the vital life processes and biological functions of contaminating microbes, meaning they cannot grow or reproduce and subsequently die.

Laboratory data has shown that Microban® delivers continuous product protection against the growth of unsightly mould and degrading bacteria, helping products to stay hygienically cleaner in-between cleaning. Unlike common disinfectants, the technology won’t wash off, wear away or require re-application.

Treated Jorakay products currently include grout, color cement, stucco, tile trim and stair nose.

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The built-in formulation actively works to maintain surface cleanliness in-between cleaning, whilst also making surfaces easier to keep clean. The technology lasts for the expected lifetime of the treated building materials and will not wash off, leach out or succumb to harsh cleaning chemicals.

Key Benefits of Jorakay Building Products Treated With Microban® Technology

  • Fight against the growth of bacteria, black mould and mildew
  • Proven to stay cleaner and fresher in-between cleaning
  • Easier to keep clean
  • Resistant to staining and bad odours caused by microbes
  • Less likely to prematurely degrade
  • Perfect for use in moist and humid environments where mould and mildew thrive
  • Antimicrobial properties are unaffected by the use of harsh cleaning chemicals and actively support regular cleaning routines

Jorakay operates with the mantra of ‘innovation for your family's happiness’ which is why its antimicrobial products can be found in an array of consumer-centric environments. Jorakay building materials are also utilised in hotels, transportation and government buildings.

Fungal Biofilm Growth and Built-In Antimicrobial Technology

As with untreated surfaces, an antimicrobial-treated surface can be contaminated with microbes from the environment. The difference is that the microbes are less likely to attach, survive, and grow on a treated surface because antimicrobials create unsuitable conditions for the microbes.

As the contaminating microbes attempt to attach and absorb nutrients from the surface environment, they are simultaneously absorbing the antimicrobial from the treated article as well. The imbibed antimicrobial will then have the opportunity to interrupt the microorganism’s metabolism and prevent attachment, survival, and/or growth.

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Jorakay Antimicrobial Building Materials vs. Fungal Biofilms

Microban® antimicrobial technology does not prevent fungal biofilm formation on Jorakay products. However, it will work to protect a treated surface from microbially-induced product deterioration by delaying microbial attachment, survival, and growth. This means that if a biofilm is wiped away from the treated article, the surface underneath will still be cleaner, fresher and more durable than an untreated surface.

Whilst incorporated antimicrobial treatments are not a substitute for normal cleaning and hygiene practices, they will continue to work in between cleaning to keep microbial populations low on exposed surfaces.

Ultimately, if microbes can persist on an antimicrobial-treated surface and form biofilms, the negative effects of those biofilms will be delayed and reduced.

For more information on Jorakay building products and how they can enhance both domestic and commercial environments, contact Microban today.

Innovation for Your Family's Happiness

Explore Jorakay’s range of antimicrobial building materials on its dedicated microsite.