Mbns18 Jorakay Crocodile Logo

Antimicrobial Building Materials from Thailand's No. 1 Manufacturer

Characterised by its well-known Crocodile logo, Jorakay Corporation is a leading Thailand-based manufacturer and distributor of building materials. Its product portfolio includes adhesives, grout, tiling, waterproofing, and stucco colours.

For over 25 years Jorakay has endeavoured to create products that not only exude quality, durability and performance, but that also address the needs of its customers. This unfaltering commitment to innovation is why Jorakay has been partnered with Microban for more than a decade to offer a wide range of antimicrobial building materials.

Microban technology is incorporated into Jorakay products at the stage of manufacture. The built-in antimicrobial protection actively works to inhibit the growth of harmful microbes, resulting in a product that stays hygienically cleaner, fresher and more durable for its expected lifetime. Treated Jorakay products are scientifically proven to resist bacteria, mould, mildew and algae growth.

Microban antimicrobial technology is added to the following Jorakay products:

  • Crocodile Tile Grout
  • Crocodile Tile Trim
  • Crocodile Stair Nose
  • Crocodile Color Cement
  • Crocodile Stucco

Jorakay thrives on the mantra of ‘innovation for your family’ which is why its antimicrobial products can be found in an array of consumer-centric environments around the world. Jorakay building materials are also utilised in hotels, transportation and government buildings.

Explore Jorakay’s range of antimicrobial building materials on their dedicated Microban Thailand microsite.