Cleaner Hardwood Flooring for High Traffic Areas

Artistry Hardwood Flooring, a division of Catalina Home, is known throughout the industry for its uncompromising, superior quality products engineered for beauty and performance. Their distinctive styling and colors are continuously updated to keep in concert with today's design trends. All Artistry wood products are made using authentic French White oak, with unique styling is the result of proprietary raw materials and special processes

In ongoing efforts to bring new innovation to the flooring industry, Artistry hardwood flooring now features built-in Microban protection.  This added layer of protection contributes to the beauty and durability of the products by inhibiting the growth of bacteria that can cause stains and odors, and ultimately impact durability.  Artistry Flooring featuring Microban protection is a perfect flooring addition for building projects that feature high traffic areas.

Experience truly functional beauty with Artistry Hardwood Flooring featuring Microban technology.