Build It Better with Antimicrobial Flooring

What do airports, schools, malls, gyms, restaurants, and grocery stores have in common? These commercial businesses see hundreds or even thousands of people each and every day. With so much traffic, you can probably imagine the types of germs, dirt, and bacteria people track in with their shoes. For your commercial businesses, having Microban® antimicrobial flooring, sealants, and antimicrobial tile technology is imperative for protecting floors from stain and odor causing bacteria that ultimately lead to product degradation.

Antimicrobial Hardwood Innovations

Spice Brown, Chestnut, Dark Walnut, Colonial Maple, and Cherry are just a few of the colors that adorn the hardwoods throughout office complexes, stores, and other commercial buildings. No matter the hardwood color, microbes do not discriminate and will find their way onto these seemingly clean surfaces.

While you can’t prevent your customers from tracking in germs and bacteria on their shoes, you can proactively protect your hardwoods with our antimicrobial flooring treatments – here’s how.

During the manufacturing process, Microban works with partners to treat a thin urethane top layer of the hardwoods with antimicrobial technologies. This layer coats the hardwoods to create a long-lasting antimicrobial flooring product protection. These hardwood innovations continuously work to fight the germs and bacteria that end up on your hardwoods, keeping your floors resistant to microbial growth.

Antimicrobial Flooring for Tile + Grout Solutions

Believe it or not, the idea that toilet seats are the dirtiest spots in bathrooms is a myth. In fact, the dirtiest surface in the bathroom is actually the floor, which contains over 2 million bacteria per square inch. What type of flooring is used in most bathrooms? You guessed it – tile.

While the toilet seat holds its fair share of germs and bacteria, the bathroom floor is continuously inoculated with bacteria from shoes and toilet flushes – and this fact holds true in both household and commercial bathroom floors.

To fight these unnecessary and hard to remove stains and odors that build up, Microban has created grout solutions and antimicrobial flooring for tile. One specific tile solution in our microbe-resistant lineup includes the world’s first, unique “fired-in” tile technology.

This tile solution and technique involves a custom designed antimicrobial compound that is permanently incorporated as part of the ceramic glaze during the firing process to inhibit the growth of stains and odors on the tile surface.

This first-of-its-kind antimicrobial flooring will not rub off over time like many other antimicrobial treatments, nor is it dependent on sunlight to work effectively. Regardless of the amount of light or moisture the tile receives, the antimicrobial treatments are guaranteed to protect the surface from harmful microbes.

Tile Technology Partners with Antimicrobial Flooring

Some of our antimicrobial flooring partners include BAL® and Florida Tile Inc. Below are just a few examples our flooring and building material partnerships who have seen the value that Microban custom antimicrobial flooring provides to our partners.


BAL is an industry leader in the development, manufacturing, and distribution of ceramic tile adhesives, grouts, silicone sealants, and ancillary products for a wide range of applications.

BAL worked with our team at Microban to create custom antimicrobial flooring technology that is incorporated into the production process of their adhesives, grouts and sealants. This technology inhibits the growth of potentially harmful microbial growth to help keep tiled environments fresher.

Florida Tile, Inc.

Our partner, Florida Tile, is another industry leader of porcelain and ceramic tile, as well as natural stone, decorative glass and metal tiles. As a leader in innovation and new technology, they partnered with our engineers to create a custom antimicrobial agent for a wide array of their products.

The patented technology treats the ceramic material with a highly effective antimicrobial additive, which provides Florida Tile products with a continuous level of protection from the growth of common microbes.

If you are interested in learning more about our commercial antimicrobial flooring solutions that provide long-lasting protection to your hardwoods, tiles, and grouts, contact us today!