Antimicrobial Protection in Your Office

In today’s world, people are constantly plugged-in to their careers through a variety of different devices. With so many ways to integrate work with everything we do, there has been a natural evolution to a 24-hour workday. As such, it is no surprise that the items we use the most throughout the day are in the office, both at work and at home.

While microbes may not be top of mind during your sales calls and meetings, your office items, such as your keyboard, mouse, and desk, are hotspots for germs and bacteria. Since we are connecting to our careers more than ever, antimicrobial products in the home and workplace should be a priority. While you are working, Microban® antimicrobial products are hard at work protecting your home and office items from the growth of stain and odor causing bacteria through antimicrobial additives.

Using Antimicrobial Products in the Home and Office

Recent research shows that the average desk harbors a great deal of bacteria on its surface alone. In fact, where you are resting your hand on your desk right now could carry up to 10,000,000 bacteria. The place where you rest your feet can be just as dirty, as constant foot traffic makes carpet an easy breeding ground for microbes. The most common carpet cleaning method is wet shampoo extraction, which can make the situation even worse by leaving a residue that is the perfect environment for stain and odor causing bacteria to grow. With so many germ and bacteria breeding grounds, the best solution is to look for these home and office items with built-in antimicrobial protection.

The most obvious places in the office to use products with antimicrobial protection are the items that you touch often and for long periods of time. Your computer mouse and keyboard are the two dirtiest things in your office. According to one study, your computer mouse may even be 3 times dirtier than a toilet seat. Even something as common as eating in front of your computer can make your micro prevention efforts significantly more difficult as food residue makes for an ideal place for bacteria and other microorganisms to survive and multiply. This makes it an easy decision to opt to purchase the items with built-in antimicrobial protection. Antimicrobial products in the home work continuously to create an inhospitable environment, helping prevent the growth of harmful microbes.

Microban Antimicrobial Protection

At Microban we provide a wide variety of different antimicrobial and odor control technologies to our partners that help make the office and your whole home a much cleaner environment. All of our micro prevention and odor control solutions are closely regulated by the EPA and registered for specific product use. Regardless of the application, Microban works with you to develop customized micro prevention solutions.

Before you send your next email, when was the last time you wiped down your desk and shook crumbs from your keyboard to prevent microbial growth? With our busy schedules, we do not clean our work area enough to ensure micro prevention, so using Microban antimicrobial products in the home and at work will provide you the peace of mind you need to get your job done without the distraction of odor causing germs and bacteria.

To learn more about our antimicrobial technology for your office and office supplies, contact us today!