Micro Prevention Applications: Bedroom

One of the most comfortable and relaxing environments in the entire house is the bedroom, where most people prefer to spend their time in the evenings. Watching TV, resting and sleeping can mean a significant amount of time spent in the bedroom. Without antimicrobial bedsheets and antimicrobial pillows, these unprotected surfaces can begin to have bad odors and cause long-term product damage.

We discuss why arming your bedroom with Microban® micro prevention technologies can protect against some of the toughest microbial growth.

Bedroom Product Protection

Microbes may be hidden, but they are everywhere, inhabiting everyday household surfaces both in and outside of the bedroom. When antimicrobial product protection is built into common household items, like antimicrobial pillows and sheets, consumers can worry less about the rampant growth of harmful bacteria.

Many of our partners come to us to develop custom antimicrobial product protection solutions for their products. Our team of engineers works to develop the antimicrobial technology that can be built into bedroom products during the product development process and can be easily integrated during manufacturing.

Using Antimicrobial Bed Sheets & Pillows in the Bedroom

The average consumer washes their sheets every two weeks. While this may seem frequent enough for cleaning the bedroom, microbes and bacteria growing on an unprotected surface can nearly double in volume in 20 minutes. With antimicrobial sheets and pillows, manufacturers can guarantee a longer product shelf life and product protection for their consumers.

Many products that can have the built-in product protection of Microban antimicrobial technology within the bedroom include bedding textiles, humidifiers, carpet, air conditioning units, and door hardware. By infusing antimicrobial additives to produce antimicrobial pillows and sheets, microbial reproduction is interrupted, causing product degradation to slow down and odors to be controlled.

Microban Antimicrobial Product Protection

At Microban, we offer a variety of different antimicrobial product protection technologies for our partners. All of our antimicrobials are closely regulated by the EPA and are registered for specific product use. For example, antimicrobial bed sheets on a hotel bed have been developed by Microban with their manufacturer to ensure optimal protection for that specific application.

To learn more about our bedroom micro prevention technologies, contact us today!