Micro Prevention Applications: Bathroom

It is no surprise that bathrooms are the most humid and wet settings within a home or public space. The daily use of showers, sinks, and toilets welcome moisture into the air and onto surfaces, creating optimal environments for mold and mildew to grow. Without the use of antimicrobial technology, these unprotected surfaces can cause significant damage to products in the home and public spaces, while also welcoming smelly odors that are difficult to eradicate.

We list some of the key areas in a bathroom that Microban® micro prevention technologies go to work to combat some of the toughest bacteria growth.

Micro Prevention Technology for Sinks

On an unprotected surface, the microbial growth rate is rapid, with bacteria doubling every twenty minutes. Bathroom sinks serve as collection bins for water, soap residue, saliva, hair and make-up on a daily basis. Without micro prevention technology built into the sink surface, stain-causing bacteria will begin to grow uninhibited.

With an antimicrobial-treated sink, your cleaning regimen is doubly-effective, making harmful and damaging microbial growth less likely. The built-in protection that Microban micro prevention technologies provide can be added to your products during the manufacturing process for minimal disruption to your existing product development.

Using Antimicrobials in Showers

Humidity creates the perfect incubator for mold and mildew to begin to reproduce, causing musty odors that are hard to eliminate and damaging unprotected product surfaces over time. Showers are a leading culprit when it comes to creating these bacteria-laden environments in bathrooms. Microban antimicrobial technologies are durable and effective because of the way they are built into the product itself and cannot wash or wear away.

By becoming a permanent part of the product, Microban antimicrobial additives work actively to prevent the growth of microbes. Closely-regulated by the EPA and registered for each application and use, our antimicrobials increase the lifetime value of the product while hampering the ability of microbes to survive and multiply. So, whether it’s the acrylic shower system, shower curtains, towels, bathmats, showerheads or caulks and sealants, our antimicrobials can be infused to protect them all.

Protecting Toilets with Bathroom Odor Control

Particularly with ceramic bathroom surfaces, many manufacturers are beginning to see the benefit of integrating Microban antimicrobial technology during their product development process. For ceramic toilets, both in the home and in public, microbial growth is not fought effectively long-term with routine cleanings alone.

By equipping ceramic toilet surfaces with antimicrobial additives, the deterioration process slows down, while harmful and odor-causing microbes are inhibited. For ceramic bathroom odor control and antimicrobial protection, Microban works with manufacturers to develop customized additives and tests them in our state-of-the-art antimicrobial lab facilities.

To learn more about our bathroom micro prevention technologies, contact us today!