Top 5 Manufacturing Advantages for Antimicrobial Additives

When equipping your product with an antimicrobial additive, you may wonder what effect this could have on your manufacturing and product development process. If you’re concerned about having to change the conditions in which you manufacture your products, the research you might have to undertake, or meeting a new set of safety regulations, we’d recommend that you continue to read this blog. Partnering with an antimicrobial specialist, such as Microban, has a number of advantages to address your concerns, while streamlining your manufacturing or product development process.

When using Microban, you’ll have these top five manufacturing advantages of antimicrobial additives for your products:

1 – Thorough Testing to Determine Antimicrobial Compatibility

Microban’s experienced teams of polymer engineers and chemists will work with you to understand your product substrates, performance features and product development processes to ensure compatibility. Antimicrobial additives are not ‘one size fits all’, yet with a number of advanced technologies available to suit a vast range of different materials, Microban engineers and chemists are able to create and vigorously test an additive that can work for your product range.

2 – Meeting Safety Regulations to Safeguard Your Business

If you’ve made the decision to protect your products with an antimicrobial additive, you may worry if the correct precautions and tests will be taken to ensure that your product will meet all of the necessary safety regulations. Microban take safety seriously. Not only do we carry out vigorous testing to determine if the antimicrobial additive is safe to use across a wide range of product types, but Microban meets all of the necessary regulations and agency requirements. Combine this with our history of safe-to-use antimicrobial additives, and you can rest happy with the knowledge that your business is being safeguarded.

3 – Antimicrobial Technology Infused During Normal Manufacturing Process

You may think that protecting your product range with an antimicrobial additive could have negative consequences on your manufacturing process, but that isn’t the case. Microban works with its partners to infuse antimicrobial additives into their products during their normal manufacturing process, guaranteeing streamlined production. As a manufacturer, you are made completely aware of the product development cycle to better your understanding of the antimicrobial technology. Your team can continue to manufacture your product in your tried and tested system, with Microban providing complete and thorough assistance to incorporate the antimicrobial additive process.

4 – Extending Your Product Life with Antimicrobial Additives

Many manufacturers want to stand out from their competitors and give consumers a quality, log-lasting product. However, as a manufacturer, you don’t often have control over the conditions in which your products are used by consumers. Unless regularly disinfected, surfaces can become susceptible to microbial growth which encourages stain and odor-causing microbes to develop. If these microbes are allowed to multiply, they can quicken the deterioration of your product. Equipping your product with an antimicrobial additive during the manufacturing process can help to fight against stain and odor-causing microbes, and extend the useful life of your product.

5 – Knowledgeable Partner Who Understands Your Product

When partnering with Microban, we make it our priority to understand where your product range is used, and within what conditions. Microban engineers will liaise with you to determine if your product is likely to have contact with water, food, skin or even exposure to UV. This process benefits you as the manufacturer, as you gain an insight into how varying environments may affect your product in different ways, and it will help us to move ahead with determining antimicrobial compatibility.

If you would like to find out more about how Microban can enhance one or more of your products with our antimicrobial solutions, fill out the contact form.