With extensive experience in manufacturing, renovation and design industries, in 2000 Dr. Pino Bisazza and Andrea Di Giuseppe founded the TREND Group. The company is a leading global producer of full body glass and gold mosaic, venetian smalti and engineered glass, quartz and granite agglomerate surfaces.

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etherium® By E-Stone from TREND Group: The only engineered stone surface that offers 24/7 Microban® protection.

Located in Sebring, Florida, E-Stone is a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility currently producing over 8 million square feet of engineered agglomerate surfaces annually. E-Stone’s facilities are designed with sophisticated water recycling systems (99.8% of water is recycled) that significantly reduce water consumption and the proliferation of pollutants.

Using cutting-edge technology, E-Stone blends natural stone and quartz with specially selected glass and other raw elements to produce engineered agglomerate slabs (300x125x0.66cm).

etherium® by E-Stone is a unique combination of contrasts:

  • It has the look of stone cut from a quarry, yet is made with up to 78% post-consumer recycled material;
  • It is formed by the fusion of millions of small pieces, yet is practically unbreakable, unscratchable, and unstainable;
  • It can be installed in a day, yet will last for a lifetime.

The etherium® By E-Stone surfaces offered by TREND Group have always been non-porous and mold/mildew, heat, stain and scratch resistant with flexural strength making etherium® the perfect surface for commercial construction projects. Now – with the introduction of Microban® antimicrobial technology – they’re even better!

The exclusive partnership with Microban® allows etherium® By E-Stone surfaces to be the only engineered stone products to offer 24/7 Microban® protection. The built-in Microban® technology creates an inhospitable environment for bacteria growth, inhibiting their reproduction and ultimately preventing them from reproducing.


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