Mbns18 Adiwisesa Mandiri Premium Grout

Antimicrobial Joint Filler from PT Adiwisesa Mandiri

Founded in Indonesia in 1988, PT Adiwisesa Mandiri Building Products Indonesia (PT AMBPI) is the leading manufacturer of construction materials. The company produces a range of high quality products such as tile grout, waterproofing, skimcoat, stone coating, and bonding agents.

To further enhance product durability, PT Adiwisesa Mandiri has developed AM 50 - a premium antimicrobial joint filler containing Microban® protection. Microban® technology works to imbue the filler with a resistance to fungal growth, helping it to  preserve the aesthetics of any joint surface it is applied to. In addition to Microban technology, AM 50 also benefits from a POLYMERIC BINDER™, increasing its overall bonding ability and rendering it crackproof.

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Mbns18 Adiwisesa Mandiri Premium Grout With Microban