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Antimicrobial Cutlery by Calphalon® and Microban®

Calphalon is a leading producer of premium-quality cookware, bakeware, cutlery, and appliances designed for the modern home chef. What started as a restaurant industry supplier in 1963 has since turned into a trusted brand embraced by the professional and at-home gourmet chefs. Today, Calphalon offers cookware with a variety of surfaces, styles, and sizes that give chefs the flexibility to choose superior cookware for the task at hand.

Calphalon is now partnered with Microban® to offer select cutlery sets with built-in SilverShield® antimicrobial product protection. The handles of Calphalon Classic™ knife sets are manufactured with an added layer of Microban technology to help prevent the growth of bacteria. Between frequent handling and contact with moisture and food particles, knives can experience premature product degradation and tarnishing due to microbial growth. The presence of Microban technology in knife handles will last the lifetime of the product to keep touchpoints cleaner in between cleanings, without washing or wearing away.

Key benefits of Calphalon cutlery sets with Microban®

  • History of safe and effective use and approval in food-contact environments
  • 24/7 protection that reduces microbial growth for the lifetime of the product
  • Increased useable lifetime with enhanced quality and durability
  • Stays cleaner in between cleanings, complementing existing cleaning practices
  • SharpIN™ technology featuring ceramic sharpeners built into the knife block
  • Full-tang design for better ballance, comfort, and efficiency