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Cleaner, Fresher Antibacterial Plastic Containers From JCP Plastic and Microban®

When the essence of Thai tradition meets the refined minimalism of Scandinavian design, the unique result is MICRON WARE – an international lifestyle solutions brand that combines simple, understated aesthetics with the warm, modest touch of Thai culture.

MICRON WARE is the brainchild of JCP Plastic, an award-winning, family-owned manufacturer of plastic homeware products. The company has been established for over 40 years, becoming a household name in Thailand and exporting to more than 40 countries worldwide.

JCP product are crafted using the highest quality raw materials with international certification from agencies such as FDA and LFGB.

To address consumer concerns regarding the presence of bacteria in the home, MICRON WARE products incorporates Microban® antimicrobial technology into an exclusive line of products.

Jcp Treated Water Bottle

Super Lock Kitchenware Products With Built-In Antibacterial Product Protection

Super Lock is a range of kitchenware products that combine modern functionality with superior performance. Selected items in the range also benefit from built-in Microban® antimicrobial technology.

Integrated at the stage of manufacture, Microban® becomes an intrinsic features of the plastic. It works by disrupting the vital life processes and biological functions of the contaminating bacteria, meaning they cannot grow or reproduce and subsequently die. The result is a plastic product that stays hygienically cleaner and fresher in-between cleaning. It is also more durable and less likely to break under recommended usage conditions.

Treated Super Lock products currently include food storage containers, water bottles and chopping boards.

Key Benefits of Super Lock Products Enhanced With Microban® Technology

  • Protected from the growth of harmful bacteria by up to 99.9%
  • Resistant to stains and odours caused by bacteria
  • Have an extended functional lifetime and are more durable
  • Less likely to facilitate bacterial cross-contamination from surface to surface
  • Keep food fresher for longer
  • Allow consumers to worry less about bacteria and enjoy everyday life more!

Amatas by Micron Ware

In collaboration with Jacob Jensen Design, Micron Ware has created Amatas - the epitome of premium home storage.

'AMATAS' comes from the Thai word 'Amata' which means timeless or everlasting. This unique range of storage containers has been designed to fit seamlessly into the modern-day home. The streamlined aesthetics resonate with a desire for simplistic solutions that address real-world consumer needs.

AMATAS containers save space, help the environment, and make every day life easier. They also feature built-in Microban® technology to fight the unwanted growth of harmful and degrading bacteria.

For more information on MICRON WARE's treated product range, contact Microban today. Alternatively, visit the MICRON WARE website by clicking on the link below.