Antifungal flooring solutions from Granorte and Microban®

Granorte is a family-owned manufacturer of cork flooring products. Founded in Portugal in 1972, the company originally specialized in the recycling of cork waste from wine cork stoppers.

Today, Granorte dedicates its attention to creating innovative flooring that is both visually thrilling and kind to the environment. The company invests hugely into product research, refined production processes, and technical excellence, facilitating its distribution in 50 countries worldwide.

Granorte's philosophy is to challenge what has become habitual and to never be satisfied with anything less than the best. It seeks perfection each and every day to ensure that products exceed the expectations of its customers. Granorte's overall aim is to fascinate people, designing and creating stunning cork products that capture the imagination and inspire beautiful and eco-friendly interiors.

Inspiring Beautiful and Inherently Cleaner Flooring Through Innovation

Commitment to new product development has allowed Granorte to develop a complete range of cork products made from granulated to agglomerated cork. The cork range currently includes sheet, underlay for insulation, wall & floor tiles, and floating floors.


Granorte has added Microban® antifungal product protection to more than 140 designs in its cork flooring collection. Built-in at the stage of manufacture, Microban® technology works 24/7 to help prevent the growth of degrading mold and mildew under the flooring.

Benefits of Granorte Flooring Featuring Microban® Technology

  • Core is protected from the growth of damaging mold and mildew for its expected lifetime
  • Proven to stay cleaner and fresher
  • Less likely to succumb to staining and bad odors
  • More durable and easier to keep clean
  • Regularly tested to ensure the highest standards of antifungal performance

For more information on Granorte's line of antimicrobial cork flooring products, contact a member of the Microban® team.