Antimicrobial Textiles for Hospitality and Healthcare From Manchester Mills® and Microban®

Manchester Mills, one of the world’s leading textile producers committed to innovation with a customer-first approach, now offers Microban treated products for use in the hospitality and healthcare industries. The products will be sold directly and exclusively to the healthcare and hospitality industry via Manchester Mills and their distributor network. Manchester Mills engineers smarter textile solutions through a global team of creators, innovators, and partners that put client needs at the forefront – from sourcing top-quality raw materials to leading-edge R&D and rigorous quality control. Manufacturing is just the beginning. They are redefining the process, design through delivery, and now with Microban Product Protection.

Redefining Hospitality and Healthcare Products for a Cleaner Sleep Experience

Manchester Mills Protected by Microban products will be available in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and the European Union for use in the hospitality and healthcare industries.

Key offerings of Manchester Mills Protect 360° products with Microban antimicrobial technology:

These exclusive products feature lasting product protection against the growth of microbes, helping to address the user's concerns about the invisible enemies harboring in their rooms and bathrooms.

Future products developed with built-in Microban antimicrobial technology include:

    • sheets
    • basic bedding
    • comforters
    • blankets
    • mattress pads
    • pillows
    • towels

Smarter textile solutions: Explore Manchester Mills Protect 360° and Microban in the video below

How Does Microban Technology Work to Protect Manchester Mills Textiles?


1. Full Integration
The technology is integrated during the manufacturing process and becomes part of the molecular structure of the product. It will become a durable part of the textile.

2. Contamination
The treated textile becomes contaminated with bacteria as a result contact.


3. Technology at Work
The technology penetrates the bacteria and inhibits their ability to grow and reproduce.

4. A Cleaner Textile, Foam or Polymer
Ultimately the treated textile remains cleaner and is protected against bacteria that can cause odors, staining and product deterioration.

Elevate Hotel Guest Confidence: Experience Protect360° Textiles with Microban Treatment