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Antimicrobial Water Pipes From K-Wasser and Microban®

K-Wasser specialises in the design, development and production of PPR water pipes for both domestic and commercial environments. Headquartered in Germany, the company owns more than 30 affiliated groups worldwide and has an annual turnover exceeding 1 billion euros.

K-Wasser boasts an experienced research and development team that adheres to the concepts of supremacy in science and continuous improvement. A strong focus on quality, innovation and spirited craftsmanship has allowed the company to forge lasting relationships with a plethora of global organisations. Notable projects have included:

  • BMW Headquarters, Germany
  • Mahanakhon Building, Thailand
  • Royal Albert Hall, London
  • Paris Trocadero Square, France
  • Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport, Thailand

All K-Wasser water supply and drainage products are certified by SKZ, DVBW, LGA and TVU in Germany.

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Antimicrobial Piping Solutions

K-Wasser Technology (KWT) Thailand has partnered with Microban International to enhance its green PPR water supply pipes with antimicrobial product protection. Added at the stage of manufacture, Microban® SilverShield technology becomes an intrinsic feature of the polymer. This proven antimicrobial formulation actively penetrates the cell walls of any contaminating bacteria and inhibits their ability to survive and reproduce on the surface of the pipes.

Key Benefits of Microban®Technology in K-Wasser Pipes

  • Provides 24/7 product protection against the growth of bacteria
  • Proven to eliminate E. coli and S. aureus by up to 99.99%
  • Enhances the durability and performance of the pipes
  • Minimizes bad odors caused by bacteria
  • Contributes to an hygienically cleaner piping system
  • Suitable for contact with drinking water
  • Aligns K-Wasser with other leading brands worldwide
  • Endorsed by Microban®, the world leader in antimicrobial technology
  • Adds peace of mind for consumers, businesses and construction professionals

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