Revolutionizing sportswear with INNOLOCK antimicrobial leggings by LiNing® and Microban

Li-Ning, a leader in Chinese athletic apparel and footwear, traces its roots back to the vision of its founder, the renowned gymnast Mr. LiNing. Its purpose was to initially provide Chinese athletes with a national brand for global sports events such as the Olympics. Over time, Li-Ning has emerged as a pioneer in sports innovation worldwide.

In collaboration with Microban, Li-Ning has launched a range of INNOLOCK antimicrobial sports leggings that offer long-lasting freshness with every wear.

Tackling sweat and odor concerns in sportswear with antimicrobial treatment

The popularity of high-intensity workouts and daily use has brought sweat and odor concerns to the forefront of sportswear design.

Sweat creates a humid environment that is ideal for microbial growth, which clings to fabric fibers. This accumulation not only leads to unsightly stains and persistent odors but also results in the premature disposal of garments, contributing to the alarming problem of textile waste on a global scale.

According to the Global Fashion Agenda, the fashion industry is responsible for a staggering 92 million tons of textile waste annually, a figure that continues to rise. Sports apparel and athleisure items constitute a large portion of this waste due to the rapid wear and tear caused by degrading microbes.

Li-Ning recognizes the gravity of this issue and has taken proactive steps to combat it.

Harnessing the power of Microban antimicrobial technology

Microban antimicrobial and odor control technologies are incorporated into the fabric during the manufacturing of the INNOLOCK leggings and form a durable bond with the fabric.

When bacteria come into contact with the treated garment, Microban technology creates an inhospitable environment for bacterial growth, inhibiting reproduction.

Microban® ZPTech® is a versatile zinc-based solution tailored for use in a wide array of applications. In lab tests, Microban ZPTech® remained 99.99% effective in inhibiting the growth of damaging bacteria and fungi on polyester and Lycra, even after 50 typical home launderings.

Michael Ruby, President of Microban International, commented "We are honored to cooperate with Li Ning to create innovative fitness apparel, which is a testament to our decades of experience in the antimicrobial field. Based on our expertise and reliability in the industry, we have reached the goal of 1+1>2 product cooperation, using innovative technology to bring consumers high value-added products with desirable performance features. We look forward to cooperating on a more extensive scope in the future and jointly helping transform and raise the standard of the fitness apparel industry."