Odor-resistant sportswear socks from NIHT and Microban®

NIHT is a Taiwanese athleisure brand that specializes in designing sportswear for women. The brand has developed a unique sports spandex fabric called "PEACHY SOFT+", an incredibly soft and comfortable material that feels like a peach. This fabric offers exceptional stretchability and ensures a comfortable experience for female athletes.

The challenge: odor retention in socks

Socks are prone to odor build-up due to prolonged contact with skin and sweat. Washing alone does little to remove odors in the fabric. This increases laundering requirements, resulting in higher water and energy consumption and reduced garment lifespan.

The solution: Microban Scentry odor control technology

NIHT has partnered with Microban to launch a range of sportswear socks treated with Scentry® odor capture technology.

Scentry is a safe and sustainable odor management technology that helps capture and neutralize odor in clothing. Scentry is naturally occurring and does not require biocidal registration, making it ideal for sustainable fashion development projects.

In addition to being odor-resistant, NIHT socks are quick-drying, skin-friendly, and slip-resistant, providing consumers with a comfortable and functional experience.


Key benefits of NIHT socks enhanced with Microban odor-control technology

  • Treated with Scentry, a powerful odor control technology that effectively eliminates persistent odors in fabrics.

  • Can be washed less frequently, translating into reduced energy and water consumption.

  • Endorsed by Microban, a widely recognized and trusted brand in antimicrobial and odor-control solutions.

Together, NIHT and Microban are creating socks that actively provide consumers with longer-lasting freshness and added peace of mind.

Get your feet in the game with odor-resistant sports socks from NIHT and Microban