Antimicrobial footwear fabrics from Cosmo™ and Microban®

Cosmo is now an exclusive Microban Approved Component Supplier (ACS) in the footwear category, providing materials treated with Microban antimicrobial technology to all global footwear brands.

Cosmo has adopted the new Microban Fresh Fabric System, combining Microban antimicrobial technology and quality control with its superior fabric finishing capabilities to deliver high-quality footwear textiles that consistently meet stringent odor control and antimicrobial performance standards.

A fresh step forward in performance footwear fabrics with the Microban Fresh Fabric System

Cosmo, a world leader in eco-friendly and sustainable footwear textiles, will now be offering the Microban Fresh Fabric System to footwear brands and manufacturers globally. The Microban Fresh Fabric System is the perfect solution for Cosmo because it delivers a more sustainable and metal-free solution that footwear brands are looking for.

How does the Microban Fresh Fabric System work?

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Footwear is unavoidably subjected to sweat and heat on a regular basis and is difficult to keep clean, providing an ideal environment for bacteria to thrive and generate odors. In fact, a recent study indicated that over 80% of consumers were interested in having antimicrobial technology incorporated into the fabric of their footwear.

Microban built-in product protection for textile applications shows high antimicrobial efficacy, inhibiting the growth of bacteria by up to 99.9% and keeping footwear fresher for longer. This technology helps to prevent odors, stains, and premature disposal, prolonging the useable lifetime of the product and reducing textile waste.