Antimicrobial Polyester Films From MacDermid Enthone and Microban®

MacDermid Enthone Industrial Solutions provides specialist chemical process solutions and materials that enhance the products people use every day. The company manufactures over 1,000 chemical compounds for surface coating applications including cleaning, activating, and polishing.

The union of MacDermid and Enthone brought together a single entity that can address each stage of the manufacturing process, in hugely diverse industries. These markets include metal and plastics finishing for automotive, sanitary, graphic arts, electronics, wafer level packaging, semi-conductor, solar, architectural, offshore oil production and many more. Key product specialisms include anti-corrosion coatings, automotive films, ancillary equipment and industrial films.


Autotex AM: Hardcoated Polyester Films With Microban® Antimicrobial Technology

Autotex AM is a hardcoated polyester film which uses unique UV curing technology to produce a first surface coating. The film is scratch, wear and chemical resistant, making it ideal for high touch applications.

In partnership with Microban International, MacDermid has been incorporating antimicrobial technology into its Autotex AM films since 2004. Microban® zinc technology is embedded into the hardcoat during manufacture to deliver a durable, cleanable and more hygienic film. The antimicrobial particles are spread throughout the hardcoat which means they cannot be rubbed off or washed away. Even if the treated film is cut, its antimicrobial performance will not diminish.

Autotex AM is perfect for use on communal surfaces such as door hardware, POS equipment, touchscreen devices and gym equipment.

The Autotex AM range currently includes Autotex AM F (fine texture hardcoat) and Autotex AM T (touchpad texture hardcoat) with plans to expand to other films in the near future.

"The Microban® name has allowed us to quickly create rapport, understanding and customer confidence in our products. Our revenues are already running at record annual levels for this product range."

Anna Harris | Industrial Film Manager

How Does Microban® Technology Work in Autotex AM?

Microban® technology creates an inhospitable environment for contaminating bacteria, severely hindering their ability to grow and reproduce on the treated surface. The result is a film that provides dependable and constant surface protection against degrading bacterial growth.

Microban Treated vs Untreated Image ENG2

Key Benefits of Autotex AM Antimicrobial Films Featuring Microban® Product Protection

For films that are durable, cleanable and antimicrobial, choose Autotex AM