Propan Raya Antimicrobial Paint

Odorless Antimicrobial Paint From PT Propan Raya ICC and Microban®

PT Propan Raya ICC is a leading Indonesian paint manufacturer. The company produces a wide variety of world-class products, including those marketed under the brand names of Impra, Ultran, Ultraproof, Décor Series, Eco Emulsion, Tennokote, Propan Stone Care, and Durogloss. Propan Raya is renowned for producing environmentally-friendly products, with a unique and internationally recognized certification from Singapore Green Label for its Propan Green Coatings product range.

With a company philosophy of "Preserving, Updating and Globalizing the Traditional Architecture of Indonesia", Propan Raya encourages continued preservation of the traditional architecture of Indonesia. Through this, the company strives to support the Indonesian government in bringing the cultural heritage and traditional building technology of Indonesia to the attention of the international markets.

Propan Raya is partnered with Microban International to create DECORSAFE, an environmentally friendly, odorless, and antibacterial paint for interior wall and ceiling surfaces. The paint is made from odorless acrylic emulsion (low VOCs, solvent-free, formaldehyde-free, and ammonia-free), special color pigment, and Microban® antibacterial protection.


DECORSAFE's innovative ingredient blend ensures there is no paint odor during or after application, making it an ideal product for those who are sensitive or allergic to paint odor. Integrated Microban® antibacterial technology offers unique surface protection against harmful bacteria such as E. coli and Staphylococcus aureus, as well as mold and fungal growth.

DECORSAFE provides good adhesion to the substrate, great coverage, less splattering, and excellent flow and leveling. It is also easy to apply, washable, and inherently more hygienic. These properties make DECORSAFE ideal for use in hospitals, schools, restaurants, and other hygiene-critical environments.

For more information on Propan Raya's leading range of antibacterial paints, contact Microban® today.